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Biplab Deb’s Media Mafia’s illegal capture of Press Club, ‘No Contest’ rigged Election to Terminate soon : Legal proceedings at District Court today
TIWN March 29,2019
Biplab Deb’s Media Mafia’s illegal capture of  Press Club, ‘No Contest’ rigged Election to Terminate soon : Legal proceedings at District Court today
PHOTO : PHOTO : Illegal Occupiers of Agartala Press Club, dismissed by Court. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, March 29 (TIWN): Agartala Press Club’s illegal occupation by Subal Dey, Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee led Biplab Deb’s Media Mafia to end soon as Senior Lawyer Purushottam Roy Barman filing an appeal on Friday in West Tripura District Court against lower court Judge Chandita Debnath’s temporary injunction which allowed these Media Mafia to rule Press Club Illegally. This illegal committee was self appointed by Pranab Sarkar alongwith few petty criminals which illegally thrown out previous elected Press Club Committee. Instead of fair election, Pranab Sarkar, Subal Dey via threats conducted a ‘No Contest’ Election so they assumed power on March 25,2018 which is few weeks after Biplab Deb was elected Chief Minister. In October 2018, Lawyers Purusottam Roy Barman, Raghunath Mukherjee on behalf of Journalists Sitangshu Ranjan Dey and Prashanta Chakraborty have appealed court to cancel the illegal Press Club Election which not only violated norms, but before resigning of Press Club members, the "uncontested" new members were announced comprised of team led by led by Subal Dey (President)Pranab Sarkar (Secretary), Biswendu Bhattacharjee (Vice President), whose rigged election was a shame.

Judiciary’s bold steps in upholding democracy, preventing organized muscle-flexing forcible capturing or shutting of institutions are witnessed in October 2018 when High Court ordered newspaper Daily Desher Katha’s re-publication which was closed for 10 days after DM West Sandeep Mahatme’s(actually by Biplab Deb) illegal order.

In same manner in Oct'2018, Judiciary stepped up in dismissing Agartala Press Club’s illegal occupation by Biplab Deb’s Media Mafia led by Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee & others, as Pranab Sarkar gang conducted a ‘No Contest’ FAKE Election to capture power. Pranab Sarkar gang virtually kicked out Old Elected Committee’s veteran Journalists to capture Press Club on March 15 after Biplab Deb assumed power. Pranab Sarkar even included career criminals like Thief cum Triple Ganadoot Murder accused Ranjan Roy into Press Club’s illegal committee.

In a major blow to the illegal Press Club occupiers, Tripura Civil Court in October’2018 has ordered injunction on Illegal Committee, ordered reinstating Old Elected Committee and dismissed  Pranab Sarkar, Subal Dey’s access to Press Club Funds in Banks, also ordered Illegal New Committee members not to interfere in Original Elected Committee’s day-to-day operations. 

If Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee cannot prove the validity of their rigged 'No Contest' Election, then Jail Term is expected for commiting fraud against the rules of Press Club Constitution. Eminent Lawyer Panel is preparing legal steps for criminal prosecution for Illegal occupiers which Biplab Deb with all his power also cannot stop. 

Court found the prima-facie fact that Subal Dey, Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee conducted a FAKE 'No Contest' Election to grab power Illegally which is against the Press Club Constitution.

Court decision against the undemocratic FAKE election of the Agartala Press Club which was held totally violating the Constitution of the Press Club.

Senior Journalists Sitangshu Ranjan Dey, Prashanta Chakraborty filed a petition against the farcical election conducted by Pranab Sarkar, Subal Dey (Pranab Sarkar captured Press Club under direct instruction allegedly by Biplab Deb).

In October 2018, Court's order it has been clearly said, "Court is of the view that plaintiff-petitioner should get the ex-parte ad-interim temporary injunction as per Order 39 Rule-1 and 2 of CPC of the CPC". The Court order also said, that the arbitrary members "are restrained from representing themselves as Managing Committee of the Agartala Press Club and from acting in that capacity in that manner". 

Also it has been directed that no way Pranab Sarkar, Subal Dey can use the funds of Press Club anymore. Civil Court gave a stern notice that illegal members should stay away from interfering the ongoing in Press Club by legally elected members. "Further the Court is of the opinion that the object of granting the injunction could be defeated by delay and therefore ex-parte ad-interim temporary injunction is granted in favour of plaintiff-petitioners till 17.11.2018".

This order also a major slap for Chief Minister Biplab Deb who had openly supported the illegal occupation of Agartala Press Club and these illegal occupiers are none other than CM's close friend Pranab Sarkar and his team, who earlier favoured CPI-M, then Congress, then Trinamool and just since ahead of the Election favouring BJP. 

To prove closeness, Pranab Sarkar claimed Biplab is his childhood buddy, even published that Biplab Deb is eating food at his home regulary

This jolt in 2018 came immediately after Biplab Deb's Govt had illegaly banned CPI-M backed newspaper "Daily Desher Katha" and High Court cancelled the order on yesterday.

Agartala Press Club’s Pranab Sarkar’s chosen members cum ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS announced winner via ‘No Contest’ Election are : 

1) Subal Dey (President)

2) Biswendu Bhattacharjee (Vice President)

3) Pranab Sarkar (Secretary)

4) Dipanta Majumder (Asst Secretary)

5) Kamal Kalai (Asst Secretary),

6) Tapan Majumder (Treasurer)

A separate FIR by CJM Court,  Criminal Prosecution Case of Rs 20,000 Theft and Rs 1 crore defamation case against Ranjan Roy (one of the Executive members) are being headed by Lawyer Raghunath Mukherjee. Criminal Ranjan Roy also allegly involved in Dainik Ganadoot Triple Murder Case alongwith murderer Sushil Chowdhury. 

From various sources its reported that a section of Press Club headed by Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee solely resposible for Criminal Ranjan Roy's entry into Agartala Press Club. In Press Club's history, such a criminal's entry only maligned the Press Club's public image and credibility.

Media corruption has tremendously increased under Biplab Deb Govt and journalism has become a mockery when CM, Ministers openly hugging a section media persons in BJP dais. 

These bootlicker journalists as Biswendu Bhattacherjee in all eras enjoyed to be secret-beneficiary in exchange of sold news.

After the 3rd March,2018 after BJP’s Assembly Election win, Pranab Sarkar led gang on March 25,2019 booted out elected body of Press Club,  an ad-hoc committee was formed against Press Club Constitution. But recently breaking this ad-hoc committee Pranab Sarkar & Co formed the uncontested permanent committee without giving any chance to others to file nomination . As such a group of journos at Agartala are now saying,"What BJP did with the opposition in the name of three-tier panchayat by-poll was adopted by Pranab & Co in the Agartala Press Club, now known as Biplab Deb's Club  " .

Traditionally a retired officer of the State Election Department was supposed to be appointed as RO to conduct Press Club's election. But this time one Sudipta Kar was designated as RO and he too did what he was instructed by Pranab Sarkar . And the 11 members committee is not at all elected  as the very process of election was killed by Pranab . 

Even amid BJP's ongoing threats, Senior journalists gathered in protest. Founder member of Agartala Press Club Milan De Sarkar in a press release said, "18 days after BJP-IPFT Govt assumed office a so called adhoc committee on March 25, 2018 had forcibly took over the autocratic control of Agartala Press Club. Two, three members of the adhoc committee with the help of some outsiders created huge pandemonium in the annual general meeting on March 25, 2018 and then created obstacle in the functions of democratically elected Agartala Press Club elected committee headed by veteran journalist and another founder member of the club Satyabrata Chakraborty".

"The convenor of the so called committee Pranab Sarkar, an advocate and a possible BJP candidate of the upcoming Lok Sabha Election and his few close associate turned the prestigious Agartala Press Club, a platform of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for their personal gain and interest", Milan De Sarkar added.

"The so called adhoc committee illegally avoiding the constitution announced self-style election of Agartala Press Club managing committee nakedly violating the election rules of the club constitution and an year-old established convention. The so called adhoc committee issued a press release on Sep 3rd, 2018 and the release was given to two/three newspapers only. Unlike previous year there was no mention about Election-schedule in the press release. It was said, the elections schedule will be available in Agartala Press Club notice board but it was made available on Sept 9, 2018 that is the last date of filing nomination papers. All these illegal steps were taken to turn the so called election a Farce & Mockery".

"Moreover to make the unconstitutional and controlversial election of the Agartala Press Club managing committee a farce the news official cum PIB Official Sudipta Kar was appointed as the Returning Officer even though Kar never Associated with the Agartala Press Club. So called returning officer of the Govt of India became a co-conspirator of manipulation who deprived press club members to exercise their democratic rights", the founder member said.

"I was a member of Agartala Press Club and never witnessed such types of undemocratic, illegal, unconstitutional steps in the past three and a half decade old body", Milan De Sarkar added further urging Agartala Press Club members to register a strong protest against "farcical election" and demand fresh election under the supervision of retired Chief Election Officer or retired State Election Commissioner of the State.

Biswendu Bhattacharjee is also accused of misusing Times of India name as local Correspondent to publish BJP favored news items in order to make personal wealth via backdoor. Also this Media broker turned a close advisor of Biplab Deb and already made 19 lakhs of money in 2018 for his NGO ARPAN Society. Even MLA Surajit Datta questioned in Assembly that why Rs 17 lakhs were given to Biswendu Bhattacharjee in 2017 ?

Pranab Sarkar, Biswendu Bhattacharjee already brought shame to Tripura Media, ghastly acts of Press Club's criminal type capture via a FAKE election, so certainly queston raises what is Biplab Deb's bnefits as these corruption-money suckers will always bring shame to new BJP Govt.

Court order shaming Biplab Deb gang's illegal occupiers of Agartala Press Club

If any shame is left, Biplab Deb must order these corrupt gang to resign from their Illegal Posts at the earliest, or Judiciary will deliver many more blows upholding Democracy. ordering fresh elections, a possibility of Jail term for capturing Press Club via Fraud Election.

Pranab Sarkar, Subal Dey, Biswendu Bhattacharjee and other illegal occupiers are shame for Journalism and Tripura's Media. Biswendu Bhattacharjee selling his Times of India stinger Journalist assignment to grab various Govt contracts via his NGO and secured a Job as Part time Lecturer in Tripura University's Journalism Department.

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