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‘BJP acting like monsters in Tripura’ : MP Jiten
TIWN March 25, 2019
‘BJP acting like monsters in Tripura’ : MP Jiten
PHOTO : MP Jitendra Chaudhury. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, March 25 (TIWN): Reacting over violent attacks on CPI-M for two days, MP Jitendra Chaudhury while addressing live in social media said, being afraid of people and lack of public supports BJP is now attacking opposition just like monsters.

“They are afraid of people and thus not allowing opposition to raise voice”

“This Lok Sabha battle is not a battle between CPI-M and BJP neither CPI-M vs. Congress, but it’s a battle against communalism and capitalism. All patriot, democratic people should come forward to remove the Modi Govt from power”, said the MP.

Referring yesterday’s violence, Jitendra Chaudhury said that due to lack of public support, BJP is launching such attacks.

“CPI-M worked for common men not by words, but by works. Our strive for common men’s rights will be continuing. Left parties left as the only party which are really close to common men and understand poor people’s agony. Time to time we have raised voice for their rights and will continue to do that”, he said.

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