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Blow for BJP as Rahul Gandhi declares, ‘Tripura will get a Congress Govt soon’
TIWN March 20, 2019
Blow  for BJP as Rahul Gandhi declares, ‘Tripura will get a Congress Govt soon’
PHOTO : Rahul Gandhi addressing at Khumulwng. TIWN Pic March 20

KHUMULWNG (Tripura), March 20 (TIWN): With a major jolt for BJP in Tripura, when top leaders are quitting party to join Congress, Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has declared on Wednesday that Congress shortly will get a Govt in Tripura.Just on yesterday 2 top BJP leaders including party Vice President Subal Bhowmik had joined Congress claiming all will quit BJP and State President Pradyot Manikya said, after Rahul Gandhi’s visit actual landslide of BJP will start and today Rahul Gandhi assured soon there will be Congress Govt in Tripura replacing BJP. Addressing a massive gathering at Khumulwng, Rahul Gandhi said, “Congress will not allow RSS to control the people of Tripura from Nagpur. Tripura will be ruled by people of Tripura only. BJP acts to break the harmony but Congress acts to join people. BJP snatched lands from indigenous people and once Congress will make a Govt at Centre, the lands will be returned”. “It was only Congress which stopped Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) to pass in the Rajya Sabha and Congress will not allow CAB’s implementation in Northeast even in future”, said Rahul Gandhi.

“Under UPA Govt, all the Northeast states were facilitated with special category but BJP has snatched that too. Congress after voted to power, will return that too”, Rahul Gandhi said.

“There was a Tribal Bill, dismissed by BJP which would including the land-returning of the indigenous people. Congress will bring the bill into real”, Gandhi told the gathering.

“Whenever it comes about loan waiving of the farmers, BJP says it doesn’t come under the policy of BJP Govt, but the same Govt can waive loans of corporates. For Anil Ambani 35,000 crores of profit can be benefited, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi are Modi’s brothers whereas the whole country has been handed over to 15 thieves”, said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi further promised about minimum income for all, industrial policy’s restoration, returning land to the people but first the “Chowkidar” will go from power.

He also promises “direct funding” for ADC in Tripura.

The national Congress President asked the people attended the rally to spread awareness more and more about BJP’s dangerous sides and to strengthen Congress. 

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