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Opposition Parties condemn Anti-Bengali Assam-NRC : Mamata Banerjee to meet Rajnath Singh : BJP Bengal Chief warns NRC, 40 Lakhs Assam Bengalis lost Indian Citizenship
TIWN July 30, 2018
Opposition Parties condemn Anti-Bengali Assam-NRC : Mamata Banerjee to meet Rajnath Singh : BJP Bengal Chief warns NRC, 40 Lakhs Assam Bengalis lost Indian Citizenship

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): Nation-wide BJP’s divide and rule policy is sparking resentments and controversies. Rajya Sabha was adjourned for the day centering NRC. Along with Trinamool at National level, state Trinamool has also condemned Assam-NRC which has outcast even those Bengalis who are living since 50 years in India. Tripura Trinamool media cell Sandeep Chakraborty said, “40 lakh people have been cancelled from Nationality list ! Basically it’s an Anti-Bengali drive. The people who have Adhaar, they were not given citizenship. Many people are living since 5 generations, but when Supreme Court had asked the Central Govt about NRC they Govt was silent. We are worried for Assam Bengalis. There was a Parliament session. Why the Govt at Centre was silent and didn’t pass the Citizenship Bill ?”

However, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will meet Union Home Minister Ranjath Singh. After the announcement, BJP President of Bengal Dilip Ghosh slamming Mamata Banerjee said NRC will be implemented in West Bengal once BJP is in power.

Ahead of NRC in Assam, Tripura Congress President Birjit Sinha had slammed Assam BJP Govt for implementing NRC and harassing Bengalis, claiming further Assam elections will unseat BJP surely as the party has lost its Bengali votebanks at there.

Birjit Sinha said, “Congress will surely form a govt at Assam in the next election as people at there are frustrated of BJP’s misruling. The NRC has overnight turned Indian citizens as foreigner, which is morally, ethically unjustified in a country like India where integrity is the biggest quality. Surely, in the next election Congress will win as not a single Bengali in Assam will not vote for BJP, but in last Assembly Election maximum Bengalis voted for BJP”.

Recently, another small political party Amra Bangali held a protest in Tripura against the ongoing NRC at Assam. A massive protest was staged at Sakuntala road in Agartala voicing against the Tipraland proposal in Tripura and Ongoing NRC in Assam. Amra Bangali also said, there is nothing called soil of son as in 16th century Assamees also came from Arakan, now known as Myanmar.

Quoting former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, Amra Bangali activists claimed that it was said during partition that whenever minority from East Pakistan will enter in India, they will be welcomed. The agitators also raised voice saying,   ‘If leaving mother-land for survival is sin, who will punish country dividers ?

Amra Bangali leader Haripada Debnath said, “We are Bengali and we are here for the sake of our community. But in the post independence period in India, Bengalis have been tortures decades after decades. We have always been betrayed. In Assam, already the Govt there stanched voting rights of 1 crore  49 lakh Bengalis. They have been kept in detention camp in miserable condition, which has hit the human rights. On next 30th July they will make the final list in plan to remove Bengalis from India”, he said.

“In the next step Govt has planned to remove above 1.50 crores of Bengalis from the country. So, for that CRPF, Armies have been deployed. On yesterday it has been revealed that Central Govt has funded Assam Govt to develop the detention camp of the Bengalis, whereas PM Modi before the Election promised that he will sort out the citizenship problems of the Bengalis in Shilchar and in Guwahati. But now it’s just the opposite which is happening”, he told media.

Haripada Debnath further blasted the BJP Govt terming it as a broker of the Hinduism, saying, “Today we are bound to say that”.

Around 40 lakh people in Assam have been left out of a draft list of citizens released today, and face deportation if they cannot prove their citizenship.

The state's National Register of Citizens or NRC has been updated for the first time since 1951 to account for illegal migration from neighbouring Bangladesh. Releasing the updated list, officials underscored that no one would be deported or arrested as this is only a draft.

The recount is seen by critics as a move to target Assam's Muslim population on the pretext of weeding out Bangladeshi migrants. Thousands of central forces are in the state to prevent any unrest over the new list. "Some people are unnecessarily trying to create an atmosphere of fear... This is a draft and not the final list," Home Minister Rajnath Singh said.

The Rajya Sabha on Monday saw repeated disruptions over the Assam NRC issue and was adjourned for the day amid a ruckus in the post lunch sitting. Soon after the House met in the post lunch sitting, the opposition members again raised the issue of NRC. Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu adjourned the House for 10 minutes to meet at 2.11 p.m. But, as soon as the House was reconvened, the opposition MPs were again on their feet. Naidu then adjourned the House for the day amid noise.

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