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Opposition CPI-M challenges BJP to probe CPI-M’s role in Lynching episodes, claims all arrested accused are BJP, IPFT
TIWN July 3, 2018
Opposition CPI-M challenges BJP to probe CPI-M’s role in Lynching episodes, claims all arrested accused are BJP, IPFT
PHOTO : CPI-M held protest rally. Official page of CPI-M.

AGARTALA, July 3 (TIWN): Tripura CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar has thrown an open challenge before BJP Govt to probe role of CPI-M behind lynching episodes. Addressing in a rally on Tuesday afternoon, Bijan Dhar said, “It was none other than Biplab Deb Govt’s cabinet Minister Ratan Lal Nath who was involved in spreading rumours and instigating violence, lynching across the state. We demand each and everyone were involved in those brutal crimes, should be arrested regardless their political identities either CPI-M or BJP, TMC, Congress, IPFT whoever it is. But till now only IPFT and BJP activists were arrested”. Bijan Dhar further demanded, police should immediately lodge an FIR against BJP Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath, who spread the whole rumour of 'kidney smuggling'. “We want Tripura Police’s unbiased investigation behind this Gujob-Kando”, Dhar told the rally.

The CPI-M leader also alleged, improper action of police in arresting culprits and biased role while dealing with opposition victims.

Today a protest rally was conducted in Agartala by CPI-M after Chief Minister Biplab Deb and his party had blamed CPI-M behind those rumours. Biplab Deb said, “I am 100 % assured that the rumour mongers were none other than CPI-M”.

After BJP accused CPI-M behind the rumours and lynching, CPI-M has thrown an open challenge asking BJP Govt to ‘Go for the arrest of all those who were involved in lynching’.

CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar while addressing in a protest rally said, all the accused arrested were from IPFT and BJP, none of them were CPI-M even though ruling BJP dumped all blames upon CPI-M.

 “Instead of taking action against Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath for his ‘kidney smuggling racket’ related rumours, BJP has dumped all blames upon CPI-M”, Bijan Dhar said.

“We want to challenge the BJP that nowhere CPI-M was found guilty in mob violence. They all were either BJP or IPFT”, said Bijan Dhar. 

CPI-M raised 3 demands :

  1. To lodge FIR against Law Minister Ratan lal Nath,
  2. Those who were involved in this crime of killing people based on rumours arrest all of them.
  3. CPI-M’s  third demand was  police’s role should be unbiased when oppositions want to file case against miscreants”.


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