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Tripura's Dark Era : Mafia style Brutal attacks on Journalists, fight for your Citizen rights !
Saumen Sarkar
Tripura's Dark Era : Mafia style Brutal attacks on Journalists, fight for your Citizen rights !
PHOTO : Media under brutal Police attack by CM Biplab Deb, OSD Sanjay Mishra, Police officials Addl DG Rajiv Singh, SP West Ajit Singh

Brutal suppression, Organized Attack upon Media in Tripura continue as BJP Govt closed Prime TV, Channel Mrinalini, Din Raat, Channel Tripura attacks on TIWN (TRIPURAINFOWAY.Com) continue, cowards bulldozing all democratic rights, even blocking TIWN from lakhs of readers. However HOLA saved the day !

Rather than learining from BJP icons like Shyama Prasad Mukhejee or Atal Bihari Bajpayee's style of  respecting Indian constitution and civility, Biplab Deb in Mafia Style using Police force to shut down one after another medias which are not bootlicking BJP in Tripura.

Biplab Deb formed a mafia style gang with Pranab Sarkar, IPS Rajiv Singh, SP West Ajit Singh, OSD Sanjay Mishra to brutally suppress media by filing false cases, attacking Journalists houses, resorting to all types of criminal acts which are totally illegal and against Indian Constitution given basic rights of Indian citizens.  Biplab’s puppet Pranab Sarkar shut down 4 channels TV channels as Prime TV, Channel Mrinalini, Din Raat, Channel Tripura.

Even TIWN is attacked by Police force organized Mafa led by IPS Rajiv Singh, SP West Ajit Singh, SDPO Suman Majumder, OC East PS Debashis Saha. Hundreds of readers messages, emails are coming asking about facebook page issue and it’s a matter of time that all mysteries of the readers will go away and whole episode to be revealed once the fight is ended.

Biplab Deb Govt is also using Police to force  TIWN staffs to stop working but TIWN hasn’t stop as many well-wishers have stood beside. This is not the first attack on TIWN, neither it’s the first media of Tripura under ruling Govt’s attack. As soon as the Lok Sabha Election is coming closer the attacks upon media, opposition now even advocates have been started in full wave and day by day public are becoming more angry on the Govt, rather than being afraid. For the first time, public came in protest voicing against the shutdown of various media houses including a Govt channel named Mrinalini Enn.

Viewers of Mrinalini Channel of Agartala staged a protest at Sristi Cable centre which operates all channels from Agartala Office. According the audience, they were regular viewers of the channel but suddenly the channel was shutdown after election.

Being asked, Sristi Channel officials could not tell the agitators any proper reason for the shutdown of Mrinalini Enn channel, rather they told the agitators that due to imposed order they had to shutdown it.

Various TV channels as Prime TV, Channel Mrinalini, Din Raat, Channel Tripura were shut down after BJP Govt came in power.

Even 40 years old newspaper "Daily Desher Katha" was also shutdown illegally by the Govt, later after 10 days of banning, Tripura High Court removed the banning imposed by State Govt. But, till day "Daily Desher Katha" can not be circulated across state as hawkers have been threatened not to carry "Daily Desher Katha". 

The existing newspapers have been openly threatened not to write anything against the Govt or face violent attacks by Govt sponsored Police terror.

Biplab Deb’s right hand Addl DGP Rajiv Singh and SP West Ajit Pratap Singh, Dy SP Banjam Dewan , SDPO Suman Majumder, OC East PS Debashis Saha led huge task force with 30 officials are formed to destroy TIWN with the sole aim to kill opposition voice before Lok Sabha Election. J

ust like an organized criminal gang, these Police officials illegally without any warrants or court orders trespassing into TIWN contributor houses, threatening their parents, even pressurizing Journalists, Photographers to either leave job or face time in Jail, but when Lawyers asking Police on what basis they are harassing, if there is any case or paper, Police’s answer is blank.

Due to Tripura Police’s criminal conduct, filing fabricated cases against TIWN Editor and harassing without any proofs or documents, criminally intimidating TIWN related people daily, so I filed criminal cases under U/S 500, 501,191 & 200 IPC last night 11.45 against SP West Ajit Singh and Dy SP Banjam Dewan.

TIWN also recorded video of East PS OC and SDPO denying to accept FIR out of fear which is an offence under CrPC 154.

When TIWN Editor's Lawyer Raghunath Mukherjee went to East Agartala PS at lastnight 11.45 to file FIR, both OC East and SDPO Suman Majumder franctically called SP west Ajit Singh.

SP west Ajit Singh made over 30 calls in a span of 1 hour, whatsapp to both OC and SDPO last night and asked not to accept the FIR. From close sources, SP West was terrified with FIR sections and possible consequences.

Finally as per Supreme Court guidelines, TIWN Editor served notice via Email and notfied Police Accountabilty Commission, Human Rights Commission and High Court - so finally under the legal pressure, finally SP West office accepted FIR against him for criminal conduct in uniform.

---------- Email FIR against SP West and Dy SP ---------
From: <>
Date: Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 12:07 AM
Subject: Notice for Criminal misconduct, Illegal Activities by SP West and Dy SP Cybercrime - Accept this mail as preliminary FIR, formal FIR to be lodged in Court as East PS OC denied taking FIR
To: SP,West Tripura <>, <>
Cc: Raghunath Mukherjee <>, <>, Tripura High Court <>



SP West Ajit Pratap Singh, &  Dy SP Banjam Dewan

Tripura Police 


Both of you hereby served the attached notice which my Lawyer Mr Raghunath Mukherjee went to serve East PS last night,, waited till last night 12.45 - then due to SP West's multiple phone calls and verbal instruction East PS OC Debashis Saha and SDPO Suman Majumder denied to receive the notice, denied to register FIR, which finally was kept at OC's Desk and photo/video is taken as a proof  of  SDPO and  OC's denial.

1. Even though East PS OC  denied to accept FIR, which is a violation of  154 CrPC for which SP West is responsible.

2. You have sent a notice under section 91 to a foreign company to block which itself is an illegal and out of jurisdiction step as section 91 doesn't apply .

3. Threat of invoking IT Act 79 3(b) against a foreign company itself another illegal step as Tripura Police has no jurisdiction outside the provision of Indian Law.

4. Both you labelled that tripurainfoway and me are involved in criminal activities, forgery, extortion - which are blatant lies as no proof exists, neither any court verdict, so as Govt Servants , both of you will be prosecuted to fullest extent in Supreme Court in India and in International Criminal Court.  Also case is being  filed at PAC.

5. Your fraudulent letter to USA web hosting company already nullified legally as your all accusations are  false, also you both belong to a criminal filled police force which murders journalists  / read news

6. I have instructed my legal team to file FIR via court and start investigation against you both for misusing Police powers, indulging in criminal defamation, reaching out to foreign entities with fake information. As I am an NRI, I have given authority to Lawyer Raghunath Mukherjee to represent me.

7.  In court of Law, you have to prove all baseless charges against me and tripurainfioway . Just filing few fraudulent FIRs donot mean an accused is guilty. Did you do any investigation on those fake FIRs which claims extortion ? Do you have any  voice recordings or any basic proof ? Without any proof , any basis how can you throw malicious accusations ? 

8. Tripura Police's these illegal activities are  gross violation of official duties, almost similar to organized mafia gangs.

In court of Law we will prove that  you misusing your police duties and serving baseless accusations without proof  with sole intent of criminal defamation. Both of you committed offence under U/S 500, 501,191 & 200 IPC 

Saumen Sarkar


Email :   |

Twitter :



FIR Receive Copy of SP West 

TIWN Editor's Legal Team already in the process to appeal to Supreme Court and International Criminal Court against Police brutality and criminal conduct which is against basic tenants of democracy.

SP West Ajit Pratap Singh's attempt to block TIWN miserably failed as concerned authorities  identified illegal steps to shut media voice, which under Law is a criminal offience. Still Mafia gang is working on from all sides to block TIWN just like they attacked TIWN FB Page illegally.

TIWN Editor determined to prosecute SP West Ajit Pratap Singh and Dy SP Banjam Dewan in hghest court of Law,for misusing Police powers, engaging in criminal offences under U/S 500, 501,191 & 200 IPC which likely to result in Jail term and termination of service.

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