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CPI-M’s Corruption Offsping ‘10323’ turning heavy upon CPI-M : Terminated 10323 teachers come in mass protest demanding 'Validation Act' : Tight security across Secretariat to control vexed teachers
TIWN Nov 30, 2017
CPI-M’s Corruption Offsping ‘10323’  turning heavy upon CPI-M  : Terminated 10323 teachers come in mass protest demanding 'Validation Act' : Tight security across Secretariat to control vexed teachers
PHOTO : 10323 teachers demand Validation act's implementation. TIWN Pic Nov 30

AGARTALA, Nov 30 (TIWN): Guwahati Retired justice’s suggestion of applying Validation Act for terminated 10323 teachers, has turned heavy upon the CPI-M Govt here. Even though CPI-M’s mouthpiece Daily Deser Katha like newspapers claimed if Validation Act is applied to save 10323 teachers, then Tripura Govt may come under legal problems, but 10323 teachers today have come in mass agitation demanding Validation Act. Teachers said, “As our jobs had been given by Tripura Govt, so it’s Govt’s duty to save our future at the cost and at any risk”.

Tripura Govt even though is unready to implement the act as it may put the govt in legal complications, but agitated teachers today hit the Secretariat demanding the Act’s implementation as after 31 days, according to Supreme Court’s direction teachers will be terminated. Teachers said that by any means they want their teachers jobs back, for which they have dedicated their many years. 

 However, SC’s verdict can not be violated and Tripura Govt knowing it fully well had dumped all blames upon HRD Minister Prakash Javedkar, instead of his saying that Govt can’t do anything beyond SC. Now, the Tripura Govt is undergoing similar situations with 10323 teachers threat as the teachers said that in coming days they may go for hunger strike also. 

Before the protest, the teachers on Wednesday held a meeting in town hall and discussed about the crisis situations, they are undergoing. The recruitment corruption is still going on across various departments under Tripura's CPI-M Govt but in 2014 after some deprived youths filed a case against 2010’s teachers' recruitment, High Court had terminated the teachers following the illegal recruitment which was done, without following any merit. The teachers’ lives still could  be saved by the CPI-M Govt as High Court had given an open option to the state govt saying that the jobs can be saved if the deprived youths are appointed in their respective posts, but due to Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s arrogance the HC's verdict challenged in the Supreme Court by Tripura Govt but again on March 29, 2017 SC in the final hearing kept the HC’s verdict effective and fixed the last date of teachers jobs as Dec 31st, 2017.

Even though more 1 year's more consideration has been begged from the SC, but nothing can be said whether SC will permit it or not.

A deputation was placed on Nov 27 to the Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty following an article written by a former justice suggesting how the teachers lives can be saved. 

That article says if SC extends the job tenure for one year more, it will not give any permanent solution to the problem, rather an special assembly or ordinance can save the teachers futures.

The article further said that only the State Govt can save the teachers lives not the court. Court will follow the law but the liabilities go to the State Govt, but ofcourse state govt has to follow the MHRD guidelines.  In the suggestion as the solution of 10323 teachers crisis,  the judge said : 1 ) The teachers who are qualified their jobs must be validated through Assembly or ordinance. Ofcourse, Madhyamik Passed will not be in the list, 2)As per the High Court's 104 No para, among the petitioners many youths were over qualified than the 10323 teachers. So, they should be appointed first. 3) Whose jobs can't be validate for them "Retrenched teachers reemployment scheme" must be started.

"When nothing is there to be lost, don't hesitate to take the decision", said the writer. Now it's to be seen what the Education Dept does, when on Dec 31st the 10323 teachers will be terminated. 


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