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Rs. 16,000 looted at Udaipur-Gandachera way
TIWN Nov 30, 2017
 Rs. 16,000 looted at Udaipur-Gandachera way
PHOTO : Increasing loot-cases in Tripura (Yellow marked man : Udaipur victim, whose 16000 was looted). TIWN Pics

UDAIPUR, Nov 30 (TIWN): Day by day crime rates in Tripura are increasing and kidnappings, killings, looting have become very common. In broad day lights also lives are not secured. Once again it was proven when a man was attacked and looted when he was going from Udaipur to Gandachera. The vehicle bearing number : TR01C1725 was stopped by some miscreants at Udaipur-Gandachera road and the driver Kamesh Mia was taken to jungle and cash Rs. 16000 was looted from him by miscreants. Not only this, Kamesh Mia’s vehicle was broken and by sowing knifes, revolvers he was threatened, taken to a jungle and all cashes with him were snatched away. Later, after the miscreants left the driver reached at Babusai TSR camp and told about the whole incident. Getting informed, police rushed to the spot and took details about the incident.Various other kidnapping and looting incidents were reported in last 2 months. The four kidnapped bank officials are yet missing who were kidnapped from Taidu before 6 days. Apart from that various looting cases have been alleged across the state.

One businessman was injured, looted on Nov 26 night allegedly by CPI-M mafias. Two of the mafias were identified by the victim as Rupam Mallik and Raju Mallik. The injured businessman Rajesh Saha, resident of Jogendranagar, is engaged in garment business. As per the victim's allegation, yesterday an Udaipur based businessman gave him Rs. 1 lakh 80 thousand in business deal. At night he was going home with that money but on the road those 2 CPI-M mafias had attacked him, beaten him seriously, taken his all moneys.  Later some local people saw him and admitted him in GB  hospital. But even after lodging FIR, nobody was arrested  so far. 

In the meantime, Udaipur’s loot incident which claimed about Rs. 18 lakhs of looting is yet under police’s observation.

There have been more dangerous incidents took place in Bishalgarh when unknown persons were threatening public with sudden firing, even though nobody died in such incidents yet. With all these, law and order of the state are under question mark when public are openly attacking in broad day light. Moreover, recovery of dead bodies have also become another common morning event in Tripura. 

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