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'If violence is not stopped, Election will be delayed' : BJP
TIWN Oct 13, 2017
'If violence is not stopped, Election will be delayed' : BJP
PHOTO : BJP held Press Meet at Udaipur. TIWN Pic Oct 13

UDAIPUR / AGARTALA, Oct 13 (TIWN): With a shocking note, BJP State President Biplab Deb on Friday said, "If the pre-poll violence is not stopped immediately, then the election will be delayed and for this the Left Front Govt will be responsible".

Biplab Deb held a press conference at Udaipur Party Office following the violence held at Mirza on Oct-11.

"If the voter lists are not done transparently and the election is not held democratically then what's the necessity of Election ?", said Biplab  Deb at Udaipur.

Biplab Deb's comment has turned heavy upon the CPI-M party which is trying its best to conduct the election in December-2017. 

At Udaipur Mirza on Wednesday, atleast 11 BJP activists were injured in a clash with CPI-M. At the primary level CPI-M alleged that only CPI-M supporters were injured and 5 of them were admitted at Gomati Dist hospital. But at night it was informed that BJP activists’ injured members numbers were more than CPI-M.

A source said that BJP is worried about the fake voter list created by CPI-M which has ranked Tripura 1st in voting participation rate with 90 %.Many times allegations came,  Tripura has well recorded with 90 % voters that is highest in the whole country, is not possible without Fake-Voters. 

Due to all these BJP activists remained present during the hearing of voter list which fueled a clash among CPI-M and rival BJP. 2 BJP members were admitted to GB hospital after the Mirza violence. 

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