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Anti-Nationalist label hits CPI-M
TIWN Oct 12, 2017
Anti-Nationalist label hits CPI-M

AGARTALA, Oct 12 (TIWN): The labelling of anti-nationalist has turned heavy upon CPI-M, which came out of Prakash Karat's speech at Agartala .

"The BJPs who are marking us Anti-Nationalist, what they have done for the nation?", said Karat.

" Only Communist and Congress struggled for Freedom movement and RSS never wanted India's freedom ", Karat added.

However the labelling as nation enemy which CPI-M earned by supporting China, Pakistan, opposing nuclear deal with US in both UPA & NDA Era, calling Netaji as Tojo's dog etc------ is now frustrating the party leaders.

In recent trends CM Manik Sarkar who abuses Govt of India in front of foreign delegates, says independence day is a political day---- such things have linked CPI-M much more with nations enemy.

Recently CPI-M also has welcomed UN's criticism of India Govt for its unwelcoming attitides towards Rohingyas.

Tripura PWD Minister Badal Chowdhury also said," Whatever India Govt is doing with China it's not right ".

With all these CPI-M has shown oppositions paths to mark CPI-M as traitors to the nation.

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