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Congress, BJP leaders visit Hindu temple : Communists skip
TIWN Sep 14, 2017
Congress, BJP leaders visit Hindu temple : Communists skip
PHOTO : Congress, BJP leaders visit Mahanam Angan temple. TIWN Pic Sep 14

AGARTALA, Sep 14 (TIWN): Congress leader Ratna Dutta and BJP MLA Asish Saha have visited a Hindu temple named Mahanam Angan at Agartala.

Both were invited by the priests of the temple on their foundation day as they were conducting also a blood donation camp. However, as expected no CPI-M leader didn't visit there.

The Marxists not only at Mahamanga, but they don't  even enter Tripura Sundari temple, saying they do not believe in God.

Strangely, the CPI-Ms attend every Muslim conducted programmes including the Minority Welfare Minister Sahid Choudhury who prayed Namaz even in last Eid.

But, following the hypocrisy CPI-M didn't made any visit at Mahamaga temple although both Congress, BJP leaders shared moments with the devotees.  

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