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Central, State Govts' Yellow-lights hit IPFT's protest, weakens target
TIWN July 17, 2017
Central, State Govts' Yellow-lights hit IPFT's protest, weakens target

AGARTALA, July 17 (TIWN): As the Election coming near all the political parties in Tripura now afraid to hurt the sentiment standing in the middle of Bengali and Tribal people's 'Yes' and 'No'. It's being 8 days Tripura's National Highway has been blocked by IPFT, but both the central and the state govt has been tight lipped, avoiding to talk direct and face the blockade.

From July 10 this road blockade had began under NC Debbarma's leadership at Baramura. The road blockade was begun with the demand of a separate land Tipraland since Monday morning and denied to withdraw the strike unless state is separated. However, no peace meeting was done till now, neither police have arrested anybody.

On Tuesday as a part of agitation IPFT had burnt tires, raised slogan of ‘No Tipraland, No Rest’ and on Wednesday IPFT also held a naked rally.  

However,  Central Govt has urged IPFT to withdraw the strike and after that Central govt will hold a meeting with IPFT leaders.

On the other side Central Govt is also discussion about converting ADC into Autonomous State Council to stop the financial corruption with ADC funds. 

In this regard Tripura MP Jitendra Choudhury said, "NO TO FURTHER BLEEDING OF TRIPURA, NO TO THOSE DARK DAYS OF 80s. : A massive joint convention organized by GMP, TYF, TSU, TUKC and AIDWA at Teliamura against IPFT's proposed indefinite NH-44 and Rail blockade program from 10th July on the unjustified and illegitimate demand of bifurcating Tripura to two States". This status was given long before on June 25, but after that all the all CPI-M Facebook active member people have shut their mouths. Chief Minister may be that's the reason not using internet so that it help him to be shut-up. 

BJP's role is further interesting  with leader's no status with Tribal demand and here BJP Indigenous leader Jishnu Devbarma's posts are quite interesting as he says, " All I can say after seeing the pictures and reports of IPFT activists, in the local papers is this" Those who came in were sheltered, fed and clothed. Those who sheltered, fed and clothed them are now without shelter, food and clothes- deprived of all rights" Is this not shameful too? I am in no way justifying the unfortunate act, depicted in the local papers but just pointing out the ugly and obscene inequality that exists in our state".

On the other side resentment has brewed among the IPFTs that after 8 days also no talk has been done with them, whereas alternative road has downed the demand.

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