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Man attacked in Tripura after Pakistan wins
TIWN June 19, 2017
Man attacked in Tripura after Pakistan wins
PHOTO : Shop attacked with cow-dung after Pakistan won. TIWN Pic June 19

AGARTALA, June 19 (TIWN): A man was humiliated after Pakistan won again India.

However the debates started when the India-Pak match began on Sunday afternoon. A salon Shop-keeper of Agartala Radha Nagar Raju Shil told his friends that Pakistan will win the match, that generated a huge verbal fights among them.

But Raju continued, ‘India will lose, Pak will win………….’

On Sunday India was defeated by Pakistan in that match followed a huge resentment among the youths.

It was in the morning that Raju Shil found his shop was attacked by unknown persons. Whereas cow-dung was pasted on the doors, wine bottles were thrown infront of his shop.

2 persons have been accused by the victim named Bhaskar Chakrabory, Bikaram Boni. 

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