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NC Debbarma's IPFT under the garb of CPI-M, attacked new BJP tribal leader at Naresh Jamatia's Killa : CPI-M's role under scanner for creating 'Pre-Poll-Violence'
TIWN May 19, 2017
NC Debbarma's IPFT under the garb of CPI-M, attacked new BJP tribal leader at Naresh Jamatia's Killa : CPI-M's role under scanner for creating 'Pre-Poll-Violence'
PHOTO : Clash among BJP / IPFT at Atharobla. TIWN Pic May 19

ATHAROBLA (Udaipur), May 19 (TIWN): A massive clash erupted among IPFT and BJP activists at Atharobla, under Killa in Udaipur which is known as CPI-M's area ruling by Naresh Jamatia. CPI-M's Naresh Jamatia backed Killa area tribal youths mostly affiliated to IPFT suspected involved in this ghastly clash. The clash emerged when newly made BJP Vice President Rampada Jamatia was passing nearby Atharobla town and IPFT allegedly attacked one of the vehicles following Rampada Jamatia. This incident created a violent clash among both the parties at Atharobla led the BJP supporters to block the road. Additional SP Nabadwip jamatia, Killa PS Police force, SDPO-Rajendra Dutta are on the spot.

This is the same team which attacked on Budhu Debbarma's team at Lefunga on  May-11 openly in a conference hall and on Friday this team has attacked upon BJP supporters. Surprising matter is that no action was taken against NC's team for Lefunga incident, neither this incident too. The main question is raising, why NC's IPFT is targeting Budhu Debbarama's team and BJP, but not CPI-M?

Recently, Bijan Dhar told media that if  IPFT compromise with their Twipraland demand then CPI-M will welcome them surely. Dhar's comments and Chief Minister's recent Belonia speech where he said that a political party is trying to contact with NLFTs proved that this clashes are simply decorated by CPI-M to create "Pre-Poll Violence".

Question also raises who is giving NC Debbarma so much courage for such open attacks. Many persons were injured on the spot, but even the photographers are afraid to go before the violent IPFT group.

Manik Sarkar on SFI's rally at Belonia said, "A section of political leaders belonging to opposition parties are trying to contact the new leader of NLFT to create violence ahead of the assembly elections. This clandestine plan is also to disturb peace and on going development activities in the state”. Immediately BJP leader Subal Bhowmik raised question, “Doesn’t matter whom Manik Sarkar targeted, but after his speech it’s clear that he knows the details about the gang. It’s very dangerous that Home Minister is not taking any action knowing fully well about the anti-national people residing his state, who are trying to trigger violence with NLFT".

 “Manik Sarkar has to reveal about the anti-national political leaders names which he claimed as he knows. Otherwise it has to be accept that CM has direct link with NLFT or a backstage of Pre-Violence”, said Bhowmik.

Bhowmik also said this is CPI-M’s attempt to set the stage for violence before the poll, as it did before few days during Amit Shah’s visit.


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