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8 month long SC's order violation by Tripura Govt : Jute Mill Employees, Pensioners declares strike for uncertain period of time
TIWN May 19, 2017
8 month long SC's order violation by Tripura Govt : Jute Mill Employees, Pensioners declares strike for uncertain period of time
PHOTO : Jute Mill Employees to go for strike. TIWN Pic May 19

AGARTALA, May 19 (TIWN): After 8 months of Supreme Court's order Tripura Govt is showing no interest to clear the pending wages of Jute Mill employees led the employees to go for continuous strike from Saturday 9 AM. In this regard, the employees may also file a case against Tripura Govt for offending the Court's verdict, if it delays any more to pay their salaries. According to Jute Mill employees, "it’s only possible for Tripura Govt to ignore Supreme Court’s verdict which has been occupied the ruling position since 23 yrs constantly in a state". With a surprise when challenging HC’s order had become already a trend of Tripura Govt, it has developed quality to unfollow Supreme Court’s orders too—the Jute mill case is an example of this. It shows how CPI-M Govt is much capable to run its nepotism even against the Highest Court’s order.Jute Mill which was destroyed due to too much party's interference, had been collapsed from the root; but a section of officers filed a case in High Court against their irregular salaries, low pay scales.

High Court's verdict was in support of those Jute Mill employees and High Court asked state govt to provide those officers their pending wages like other state govt employees.

Challenging HC’s order Tripura Govt knocked the door of Supreme Court but also same face loss was received by Tripura Govt there.After that Jute Mill Officers held a press meet and told media about their historical winning. But Manik Govt till day has not provided them their deserved salaries.

However, when the officers are not getting their deserve wages, the other CPI-M backed employees are demanding state govt level salaries and Tripura Govt said it is still thinking about 'what to do...'. But 6 months of the verdict at SC, Tripura Govt has no desire to give the salary of the officers.

The officials applied at Guwahaiti High Court in 2014 and won, but Tripura Govt challenging the order appealed in Supreme Court but ultimately lost it.

However, after that historical move now hope high for the deprived employees of Tripura Govt. as their case is also at pending in Supreme Court.

Supreme Court ushered ray of hope for Tripura’s all deprived Govt employees when it ordered to re-compensate Jute Mill employees with 6 % interest since 1996.

But reportedly, till day no salary was received by the employees and as a result Tripura Govt may face another jolt if the employees file a case for ‘insulting the Court order’.

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