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SC hearing to continue on March 29 : Tripura CM’s softness towards main culprits S K Panda and Banamali Sinha of illegal appointment of 10,323 teachers in question
TIWN March 29, 2017
SC hearing to continue on March 29 : Tripura CM’s softness towards main culprits S K Panda and Banamali Sinha of illegal appointment of 10,323 teachers in question
PHOTO : S K Panda sitting with CM Manik Sarkar. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, March 29 (TIWN): Manik Sarkar's over-dependence on tainted IAS officers like GSG Ayyangar, S.K.Panda raise the question about Chief Minister's ethics. After removal of Jharkhand Chief Secretary by the Chief Minister Raghubar Das in 2014 for ill-advice to the government, question looms large over Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s soft attitude toward two of his top bureaucrats who are the main accused of providing job of 10,323 teachers without violating the norms. Supreme Court hearings on 10323 teachers case to continue on Wednesday. Uncertainty continues over the future of 10,323 school teachers who have been appointed by the government of Tripura and now have been fighting in Supreme Court to retain the job but the main culprits behind the scene is now become scot-free. According to report, the then Chief Secretary of Tripura & former Textile Secretary, current head of Tripura Skill Development Mission S K Panda and former Principal Secretary (Education) Banamali Sinha are the main architects in providing job to the teachers without following the rule of law to make ruling CPI-M and Manik Sarkar happy.

“The minister(s) are the political executives and they have the compulsion of election every five years. To ensure their victory they tend to win the heart of the voters for next success and to balance the system bureaucrats are being appointed for run the welfare government. But in case of job to 10,323 teachers, Panda and Sinha never objected the process of appointment proposed by the ministers rather encouraged it to put the government in trouble,” said a senior officer in the state law department.

Agartala bench of Guwahati High Court in 2010, in the judgment of a case had filed by some deprived teachers directed the state government to provide job to the qualified aspirants. Also asked the state government in all future appointment, they should follow transparency and proper method of selection but Mr Panda willfully flout it to achieve undue favour from the government even after the retirement.

“Mr Panda knows it well that CPM party will pay back his slavery after his retirement from the service in this year like others. He was also confirmed the fall out of appointment without proper interview and selection but never objected because he wanted to remain in Chair as Chief Secretary and by this time to earn otherwise with his Marathi corrupt friends,” maintained the officer.

According to him, after 2010 High Court judgment, Law Secretary D M Jamatia categorically advised the government to conduct proper interview and method of standard selection for teachers appointment but Chief Minister did not agree, as he has reportedly been assured by Mr Panda.

However, when the order of cancelation of 10,323 teachers job was came from High Court of Tripura in May 2014, both Mr Panda and Mr Sinha was found busy to convince the council of ministers that the job will be retained in the apex court.

Mr Panda was confirmed that before proceeding starts in Supreme Court he will be leaving Tripura and Mr Sinha knows that his contract service will not be renewed further but they need to get at least three months time to wind up their corrupt business. However lure of money and other benefits forced S.K.Panda to return Tripura to head State's Skill Development Mission in 2016. 

Mr Sinha is reportedly, joined in CPI-M party and working for the party in Manipuri community in Kamalpur, Dharmanagar and Kailashahar to keep CPI-M happy. In local level meeting Banamali also campaigning that instead of Tapan Chakraborty in Kailashahar town seat will be contested from CPI-M to counter Birajit Sinha. And Chakraborty will be contesting from Chandipur or may be excluded from the election, as Manik Sarkar is not happy with Tapan, Banamali campaigning in party local circle.

To cover up their misdeed in the appointment process, in 2014 Panda managed a copy form MHRD where Congress legislator Sudip Roy Barman requested the Union Minister to ensure proper appointment process of teachers in the state for better future.

Managing the letter Mr Panda supplied it to CPI-M party and misinterpreted the contents of the letter. The content of the letter was to help the administration to choice the best but to justify his ill-advice to the government for unconstitutional appointment Mr Panda flared up the situation. All shallow brain and half-literate comrades were mobilised against Mr Roy Barman with the guidance of Mr Panda who is now desperately trying to come closure to BJP.

After cancellation of the 10323 jobs in High Court, both in the party and Manik’s cabinet role of Panda and Sinha were discussed badly but Manik Sarkar saved them interestingly for their loyalty towards him. Still some party leaders raised the question why Panda and his administration prevented the manipulated move of party.               

Question comes, if Jharkhand CM demoted his Chief Secretary Sajal Chakraborty for his ill advice over fixing of responsibilities for IGPs in the state but why Manik is reluctant for disastrous decision of Mr Panda, which might led to a serious chaos in the state.

Now reportedly, CPI-M workers and victim teachers understood role of Mr Panda and Sinha and raised voice against them. Former Chief Secretary S.K.Panda involved in irregularities of using central's RMSA funds to benefit his written books 'One plus one equals to eleven' and his publisher 'Jnan Bichtra'. 

However S.K.Panda chosen to return Tripura with a mere Dy Secretary level post (Skill Development Mission) after serving in coveted Union Textiles Secretary post just to continue his role as close aide of Manik Sarkar.



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