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SC issues notice to former Chief Secretary
TIWN March 28, 2017
SC issues notice to former Chief Secretary
PHOTO : India's Supreme Court. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, March 28 (TIWN): Supreme Court on Monday along with listing the final hearing day of promotion case in August-10 issued notice to Former Chief Secretary Y P Singh to explain reason behind disobeying SC’s order and continue promoting SC / STs even after HC/ SC asked to pause the promotion process.

Along with Y P Singh, Add Secretary R P Dutta was also given notice.

Justice L Nageswar Rao and Sarad Bobde said that on August 10 the final hearing will be given, without any delay of dates.

 Supreme Court earlier expressed extreme displeasure against Tripura Govt’s activity as disregarding the order of High Court and Supreme Court, promotion-spree had begun across Tripura’s various departments.

 The promptness was so high that sometimes one promotion list is printing multiple times due to errors in the list. However Supreme Court asked the Govt advocate whether instead of SC’s order the Govt is giving promotions to the employees or not.

 After that the promotion has been delayed in Tripura, said a source.

 Apart from that on 9th April 2015 the High Court passed the order of promotion rules, but it had remained without any action. 

High Court had already enlisted the guideline how to proceed with promotion policy, although CPI-M govt didn’t like the policy at all and further went to Supreme Court.


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