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Tripura based Terrorist Habib Mia's 3rd day under Karnataka Police : 'Pending warrant was against Habib Mia from Karnataka Court', SP West talks to TIWN
TIWN March 20, 2017
Tripura based Terrorist Habib Mia's 3rd day under Karnataka Police : 'Pending warrant was against Habib Mia from Karnataka Court', SP West talks to TIWN
PHOTO : Tripura based Terror suspect Habib Mia is taken to Agartala Court. TIWN Pic March 18

AGARTALA, March 20 (TIWN): Bengaluru Terror suspect Habib Mia, resident of Agartala Jogendranagar was taken to Karnataka on last Saturday by Karnataka-police, against whom pending warrant was there and based on that the District Collector of West Tripura Millind Ramteke gave transit remand. Talking to TIWN, West SP Abhijit Saptarshi over phone on Monday said, "Habib Mia was taken to Bengaluru 2 days back on Saturday, after his transit remand was granted based on 81 CRPC". SP further mentioned that there was pending warrant against Habib Mia by Karnataka Court and standing on that report, West DM had given the transit remand. It's worthy to mention here pending warrant is an impending document issued by a magistrate authorizing police officers to make an arrest, conduct a search or seize property. ATS on Saturday took on four-day transit remand a suspected terrorist connected to the 2005 terror attack at Bengaluru's Indian Institute of Science (IIS).

Calming Habib Mia as 'innocent' his relatives created chaos at Agartala Court, while he was taking to CJM Court, Agartala. 

The terror suspect  Mia has no link with any terror group, but Benagluru police is unnecessarily accusing him and taking to Bengaluru. However, there are pending warrants against Habib Mia for which Tripura govt official gave the transit remand of Habib.

It's noteworthy, when a warrant of arrest is executed outside the district in which it was issued, the person arrested shall, unless the court which issued the warrant is within thirty kilometers of the place of arrest or is nearer than the Executive Magistrate or District Superintendent of Police or Commissioner of Police within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the arrest was made, or unless security is taken under section 71, be taken before such Magistrate or District Superintendent or Commissioner.

Reportedly, Habib  is one of the seven persons wanted and charge-sheeted in connection with the attack on IIS at Bengaluru in 2005. He will be presented in a Bengaluru court for police custody for further questioning.  

Apart from Habib Mia, 6 persons are there who already were jailed. The court further convicted Mohammed Raza-ul-Rehman, Afzal Pasha, Mehboob Ibrahim, Miruddin Khan, Nizamuddin and Munna on charge of plotting the terror attack and waging war against the country, but acquitted another man charged with conspiracy.

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