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Left front Unions paralyzed Banks, ATMs across Tripura : endless public suffering reported
TIWN Feb 28, 2017
Left front Unions paralyzed Banks, ATMs across Tripura : endless public suffering reported
PHOTO : Left front Union sealed Bank service on Tuesday. TIWN Pic Feb 28

AGARTALA, Feb 28 (TIWN): Although holiday for maximum bankers, widening scope for party backed bankers to come in limelight with various protests, but public had heavily suffered due to the immovable banks across Agartala. 24 hours strike received a heavy success in left front ruled Tripura, as the protest was against demonetization and Central Govt's Economic and Banking policies. But panic erupted more when 99 % ATMs were found non-functional. Report says that Agartala's maximum ATMs have remained cashless , offering endless miseries to common men. Not a single bank was opened on Friday including HDFC, Axis and all private banks also had been closed. Mostly, the cashless ATMs created the huge resentment among the common people. Calling banking reforms as "anti-people banking reforms' and demanding for compensation to employees for extra work done on account of demonetisation of high value currencies since November 8, 2016, and booking loan defaulters... demonstration was placed across Tripura.

The cheque clearances and cash transaction have been crippled while ATMs were exhausted of cash after the morning hours as over nine lakh bank officers and staff are set to observe one day strike on a call by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), consisting of nine unions in the banking sector.

Whereas Tripura Govt has failed to generate employment in state; neither it could implement Central scale's pay structure for the state govt employees, but raising voice against the Central's Economic Policy CPI-M backed bankers disrupted all banking transactions on Tuesday; which successfully halted the smooth going of banking service and other developmental works.

Reportedly, the bankers under United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) held hour-long protest against Central Banking and economic policy on Tuesday before State Banks.

As assumed, the left front party is strategically holding various protests for long 1 month and all the protests have begun against the Centre. CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar said on Feb 22 that Tripura Left Front party to kick off many protests from this month to March. In this 1 month long protest, there will be atleast 500 protests staged through rallies and pubic gatherings. However, issuing demonetization the banks will be halted on Feb 28, which has already created huge resentment among the customers.



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