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Power crisis, hook line issues hit Assembly 6th Day : Lameduck Power Minister seeks oppositions' help to identify hook line users
TIWN Feb 27, 2017
Power crisis, hook line issues hit Assembly 6th Day : Lameduck Power Minister seeks oppositions' help to identify hook line users
PHOTO : Assembly 6th day begins, Power Minister Manik Dey talking to the Assemblly. TIWN Pic Feb 27

AGARTALA, Dec 27 (TIWN): Tripura is undergoing heavy power crisis situation, led by Power Minister Manik Dey. But in an attempt to overcome the allegations, Power Minister urged the oppositions to help in stopping electricity theft. Adressing the Assemble Dey said, 'Tripura's power production is good, but due to the hooklines used in slum and rural areas, TSECL is underghoing heavy losses. Dey further asked oppositions to help in 'save power' mission and to identify the hook line users.

But question raises, why the govt doesn't take any action against the hook line users ? Is it the vote bank which leading the state  into tremendous crisis.Tripura had sheltered many power plants additionally with the Govt run plants which might gave confidence to the Chief Minister of Tripura to announce its future as a ‘Load-Shedding-Free state’, but the Power Minister Manik Dey on Monday warned the state for a dark future as the plants are yet incapable to produce enough amount of power surplus “Hook like is disease in the state, which is another cause of Tripura’s huge power misuse”, Dey said in the Assembly.

However, Tripura govt is much concern about how to save power as crores and crores are pending as debts for Tripura Power Dept.The amount has crossed Rs. 250 crores, it was declared by the power Minister himself. “If plan-wise we expense power then it will save our money and also it will lessen the load-shedding rate”, he said.

Power Minister further advised that people should make their homes scientifically so that during day time sunlight comes and no need of lights. But whereas he claimed that hooklines are available in Tripura, but what step will be taken against hook lines, he was totally silent about it. May be thinking about CPI-M’s vote banks at rural Tripura nothing is done by the state govt in this regard. He ended with a call for “awareness against hook lines’.

“Tripura people can easily save power and the power cost is much low here, so it can easily manage the bill-amount per month”, claimed Manik Dey.

However, to hide Tripura’s power deficiency Manik Dey further said, in India every plants are facing disruptions. ‘Whereas the power target is65,185 MW, but it ends by 30,070 MW production only. There are 25-40 % of commercial loss for the distributor-companies resulting a total debt of 1.50 lakhs crores of debt”.


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