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Tripura Govt yet to seal 43 chit fund companies properties ; only 18 chargesheets submitted out of 78
TIWN Feb 27, 2017
Tripura Govt yet to seal 43 chit fund companies properties ; only 18 chargesheets submitted out of 78
PHOTO : Police investigating Agartala Rose Valley HQ. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Feb 27 (TIWN): Under the Communist rule industry could set up or not, but total 62 chit fund companies had run their regime in Tripura. The State Govt itself declared about the number of Chit Fund groups replying to the question oppositions in the Assembly. As per the data total 78 cases were filed regarding chit fund groups, whereas only 18 chargesheets were submitted by SIT and rest 65 were said as under investigation. But what surprises is that out of 62 chit fund groups only 17 companies offices were seized including Rose Valley, which was seized recently. Apart from that the govt said presently investigation is going on and nothing can be said about selling the properties and returning depositors money. Only 5 cases have handed over to CBI and rest 57 cases are under the observation of Tripura police. But question why the Tripura Govt is so much sympathized about the chit fund companies that not even 30 % of the companies properties have been seized.

Reportedly, many companies had sold their properties to the public and thus there is hardly any scope for the investors to get back their money.

However, Rose Valley Park was doing free business under the shelter of CPI-M Governance and with a surprise the Park business went up in 2015-16 FY when more than 6 lakhs of Tax relaxation was given to the park business. But when oppositions disclosed about the free business of Rose Valley even after other states as parks, companies, buildings were seized; then all of sudden Tripura Govt seized the Rose Valley park on January 21st evening. When the park was locked, many staffs had lost their jobs and in this condition 2 of the staff  representatives met Tripura CM Manik Sarkar. But as per the report, CM said, “Not only Rose Valley,all the chit fund companies have been closed across the state. I am helpless in this cases, neither I can give any comment’.

 Proper investigation against Rose Valley by SIT  is far way, but it didn’t include Rose Valley’s name too.

However, HC has asked about the status of Rose Valley and the status of Rose Valley property seizing.

The way the state govt avoided CBI inquiry by sending wrong data tp CBI, in the same manner SIT also assisting Rose Valley to stay far from investigation.

Rose Valley is 10 times bigger scam then other scams held in Tripura. But allegedly Tripura Govt sent a wrong data on Rose Valley with a very minimum amount of Rs. 10,000/- and Rs. 5,4000/- on the peak time which led the case to delay

But the oppositions claimed that from the beginning CPI-M has taken plan-wise steps so that Rose Valley never comes under any CBI. In 2013 with an aim to cancel CBI inquiry against Rose Valley the cases were sent with a very minimum account, so that no CBI inquiry could occur in coming future.

Even at High Court also whereas other chit fund companies names were pushed to the Justice’s benches but the SIT missed Rose Valley’s name, even after so much of protests.

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