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BJP mocks at Tripura Govt's claim about highest man-days in MGNREGA for 2016-17 : says all bogus data, false propaganda !
TIWN Feb 26, 2017
BJP mocks at Tripura Govt's claim about highest man-days in MGNREGA for 2016-17 : says all bogus data, false propaganda !

AGARTALA, Feb 26 (TIWN): Whereas Govt declared about 62.76 man days, but State BJP declines the govt’s claim about any reward. Talking to BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik, he said that Tripura Govt is surviving on all false data and bogus propagandas. Bhowmik claimed that in last 3 yrs not a single award the Tripura Govt has received from MGNREGA. Bhowmik further said, “During UPA Era, via false adjustments Tripura recived so many awards & the Centre also didn’t verify it”. According to Bhowmik, Centre is repeatedly asking Tripura Govt to send Geo-tracking status but the update is only 6 %. 'Eventhough the Tripura Govt claims that in the last financial year state received awards for providing highest mandays, but the ruling party at Centre said that from 2 and half yrs since the Modi Govt is in power, Tripura didn’t get a single award under MGNREGA', said Bhowmik.

The state government had asked for Rs 1069,16,15,383 crore for 2016, but the Union rural development ministry has sanctioned Rs 752,91,95,000 crore only because of non-completion of work.

However, question raised if the Tripura Govt is not sending proper data why the Centre is not taking any proper action. Even Trinamool Congress members also sent PM Modi letters in this regard and Congress filed cases at High Court and in this regard HC has sat SIT to inspect the incomplete work status across 58 blocks.

Recently another national leader P. Muralidhar Rao said, “Central can not provide the 100 % fund to a state, but whatever is sending from the Centre is tallying with the State fund and thus the transparency is not 100 % visible. However, Central Govt will make sure that the corrupted CPI-M leaders would not sleep in peace”.

It’s worthy to mention here that to avoid more embarrassments in MGNREGA Tripura RD Dept. is now busy with the tally of NREGAreports. After High Court Order against MGNREGA scams held in Tripura, the state govt has finally begun the process to conduct audit in all 58 blocks on the execution of the rural job scheme. In 20116, month of November  High Court expressed extreme displeasure in the incomplete MGNREGA works.

High Court Chief Justice T. Vaiphei and Justice Subhashish Talapatra asked the government to conduct audit in 58 blocks. However, High Court also rejected the demand for a CBI probe, and directly asked the government to conduct an audit in all 58 blocks of the state vis-a-vis MGNREGA scheme to ensure ‘transparency’.

CM Manik Sarkar recently repeated the same talks at Agartala that Tripura became first for MGNREGA mandays. “Bring same award this yr too”, said Chief Minister.

On the other hand, the Central Govt has expressed dissatisfaction regarding MGNREGA work status. But question raised, what actions to be taken against the corruption happening in Tripura by the Central Govt?

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