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Manik Sarkar led Tripura Govt fails to announce property value of Rose Valley; no initiative to sell 62 chit-fund groups' properties to return basics to depositors
TIWN Feb 26, 2017
Manik Sarkar led Tripura Govt fails to announce property value of Rose Valley; no initiative to sell 62 chit-fund groups' properties to return basics to depositors
PHOTO : Police investigating Rose Valley chit fund group. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Feb 26 (TIWN): The so called 'poor people's govt'CPI-M Govt, till day has failed to take a single initiative to return the basics of chit fund depositors in Tripura. At the Assembly, replying a question of the oppositions Tripura Home Minister i.e. Manik Sarkar clearly said that presently Govt is measuring the property value of Rose Valley and nothing can be exactly said about it. When Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath asked, ".whether Govt has thought anything about returning the money of the depositors or not", Sarkar said, "investigation is going on against the chit fund companies...". Thus, he made it clear that no property would be sold to return the money of the depositors. Moreover, whereas there are 62 chit fund companies did heavy business in Tripura the Govt after 7 / 8 yrs has only seized 17 companies properties.

Apart from that the govt said presently investigation is going on and nothing can be said about selling the properties and returning depositors money.

 Only 5 cases have handed over to CBI and rest 57 cases are under the observation of Tripura police.  Proper investigation against Rose Valley by SIT  is far way, but it didn’t include Rose Valley’s name too while submitting the chargesheet. 

However, HC has asked about the status of Rose Valley and the status of Rose Valley property seizing.

It’s worthy to mention here that since the beginning, Tripura’s all the opposition parties alleged that the Chief Minister himself is responsible for the rampant chit fund business in Tripura since the year 2001. Before Rose Valley was inaugurated in Tripura in 2008, already other chit fund groups had spread their networks across the state. Whether, CPI-M leaders were involved in that scam directly or not it's not clear, but many MLAs, MPs were framed in various inaugural session of those companies.

Rose Valley is  7 times more ponzi scam than Sarada and country’s highest ever chit fund group, but eventhough opposition party’s raised voice to run direct CBI investigation in Tripura Rose Valley scam, but at the ruling showed never interest in it, rather it preferred Tripura Police, SIT in it.

 On last January 6, as per Tripura Govt’s instruction the depositors had to hand over the original documents of RoseValley to the CID at Agartala Office. However, why the Govt has sought the original documents it’s yet not clear, neither CID disclosing anything regarding this. The hapless customers who lost their all savings in Rose valley company, had queued up in lines for 3/ 4 days at CID Office.

On Jan 21st, 2017 Sadar administration led by DCM Debashish Das had seized all the propertiesunder Sada. Along with that Malabati Tea garden 207 Ekar, Bordowali Flat, Rose Valley Park all were seized all of a sudden and after 11 days the Dharmanagar property was also seized. Then on February 2 at Amarpur and Dharmanagar the same was done. But the most interesting fact is that Tripura Industry and Commerce Dept. still has kept Rose Valley's name among the Bodhjungnagar Industry sectors !

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