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Tripura Trinamool President dismisses Congress MLA Ratan Lal’s claim about CBI as an ‘Independent-Organization’
TIWN Feb 21, 2017
Tripura Trinamool President dismisses Congress MLA Ratan Lal’s claim about CBI as an ‘Independent-Organization’
PHOTO : MLA Ratan Lal Nath talking in the Assembly. TIWN Pic Feb 20

AGARTALA, Feb 21 (TIWN): Tripura Trinamool MLA Asish Saha blasted Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath’s claim about CBI for being an independent organization and has no link with the Central Govt. Both Asish Saha and Ratan Lal Nath earlier belonged to the same party of Congress, whereas now Asish Saha has joined in Trinamool and Ratan Lal Nath although in Congress but he is now out of Congress’s ongoing movements due to some ideological differences, including demonetization and various Anti-Modi protests. In a non-political press meet, Nath said that CBI investigation against Rose Valley is not under the Central Govt., but it’s the State Govt under whose reports and direction the CBI would function here. Reacting over the claims of Nath, Saha said, ‘…..all are illogical talks and Central Govt if want can easily direct or suggest CBI to enter here’.

Citing another example to prove BJP’s alleged soft corner for CPI-M Govt in Tripura, Saha said, ‘Whereas being a weak party Congress is protest with their utmost capability to fight against CPI-M and demanding CBI inquiry against Rose Valley; but Tripura one of the Chief Opposition parties BJP, which is showing so many dreams to the public are silent. Lakhs of people had lost their money in Rose Valley, but surprise they are silent’.

Rose Valley is 10 times bigger scam then other scams held in Tripura. But allegedly Tripura Govt sent a wrong data on Rose Valley with a very minimum amount of Rs. 10,000/- and Rs. 5,4000/- on the peak time which led the case to delay.

But Tripura oppositions claimed that from the beginning CPI-M has taken plan-wise steps so that Rose Valley never comes under any CBI. In 2013 with an aim to cancel CBI inquiry against Rose Valley the cases were sent with a very minimum account, so that no CBI inquiry could occur in coming future.

However, from Tripura the mastermind Ashok Saha was arrested in 2015 by CBI, but HC never directed SIT not to investigate the case. Moreover, CBI inquiry against Rose Valley has been the utmost priority of the public, as multi-crores of public money was looted by Rose Valley, allegedly under the sustain of few CPI-M leaders.


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