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Assembly 2nd day heated up after opposition alleges CPI-Ms chief involvement in Ganja-business across Tripura
TIWN Feb 20, 2017
Assembly 2nd day heated up after opposition alleges CPI-Ms chief involvement in Ganja-business across Tripura
PHOTO : 2nd Day of N Assembly begins. TIWN Pic Feb 20

AGARTALA, Feb 20 (TIWN): For the first time the opposition MLAs have directly accused the CPI-M Govt for its involvement in Ganja cultivation. Why even after cannabis were banned across the Country, Tripura has preserved it ?, question raised opposition MLA Asish Saha and Sudip Barman. However, in reply CM bluffed the allegation brought by Asish Saha and said that Tripura police is doing its best to control ganja cultivation. The illegal Ganja production whcih is spoiling the young generation of Tripura has remained without any action so far, the oppositions alleged and further added loud voice saying, ‘Smuggling of ganja is very rampant via borders, but due to some organizations involvement the business is much rampant yet day and the organizations are all CPI-M backed”. It’s worthy to mention here that espite regular raids conducted by the police, illegal cultivation ofganja (cannabis) has been on rise at Sonamura under Shipahijala district over past many days. While the police destroyed cannabis plantation, locals taking up such illegal cultivation as there is much income.

The police along with excise department officials keep on destroying such illegal cultivation in the district but the rise ganja cultivation is openly noticed at Sonamura and there is no intuitive by the authority to curb the cultivation.

The ganja cultivation is mainly carried out in the hilly and inaccessible terrains.

It is alleged that most of the ganja is grown in the bordering areas of Indo – Bangla border like Sonamura, Boxonagar and outskirts of Agartala. The cultivators even use power-tillers, fertilizers and irrigation facilities, resulting in high yielding bushes.  

Since most of these plantations are tucked away in hills and forests, government agencies have a tough time destroying these. A large number of villagers in the particular area of Putia and Manikya nagar under kalamchaura police station cultivate ganja and smuggle it to Bangladesh as it brings back huge amount of money from the trespassing of Ganja.

Plantations of Ganja (cannabis) are done on a large scale in the interior and inaccessible areas of the border region.

When it comes to narcotics, no amount of laws seems to be enough to reign in the production and distribution of banned substances.  While hundreds of smugglers based in Tripura are sending spurious Phensedyl, a cough syrup, with an exceedingly high dose of codeine and other drugs to Bangladesh virtually by the truckload, hundreds of acres of remote land in West Tripura have become sprawling ganja plantations.  Ganja also fetches huge money when smuggled to Bangladesh.



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