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Ahead of Election Communists eyeing for Muslim Vote Banks : Tripura gets Muslim’s auditorium
TIWN Feb 19, 2017
Ahead of Election Communists eyeing for Muslim Vote Banks : Tripura gets Muslim’s auditorium
PHOTO : CM attending a blood donation camp at Agartala. TIWN Pic Feb 19

AGARTALA, Feb 19 (TIWN): After 4 years of enjoyment as the ‘rulers’ now time has come when the politicians have started to kneel down before the voters.

Either tribal, community or minority, but the groups play an important role for their vote banks. Recently, CM Manik Sarkar is busy with Muslim community, whereas in last 4 years he had not much concern about them.

In a blood donation camp, organized on the occasion of Bag E Huda auditorium at Agartala, CM from beginning to end delivered Anti-BJP speech for hours.

Whereas the whole country is suffering from severe attacks at Jammu & Kashmir and other parts of the country due to illegal entry of ISIS agents and blue printed fundamental violence from countries like Pakistan, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is playing double-politics with religion sentiments ahead of Assembly Election-2018.

 Instead of talking for peace and unity CM in attempt to affect the BJP vote banks, stressed on the sensitive issues like various riots and put all blames to the Hindu Community led BJP Govt at Centre. Although, Supreme Court reaffirmed that the secular character of the Indian state, ruling that election candidates cannot seek votes on the grounds of the religion, caste, creed, community or language of voters, CPI-M in Tripura has indirectly politicizing the religious sentiments. Accusing BJP for destroying the peace of the country Chief Minister said, ‘Since 3 years our country people  are suffering on religion and cast basis after the Govt changed in 2014’.

'Since the Govt has changed at  Centre all such incidents have been increased. The Central Govt is forcing the minorities to change religion. Since 2014 in the name of Goraksha, the Govt has been interfering on food cultures of Muslims. Even they are entering to the kitchen of people, to inspect what cooking is going on’, he added. 

‘I was born in Udaipur and since school life during Eid’s time we are eating Muslim made ‘pithas’. Till day those ‘pithas’ come in my home, not because I’m the Chief Minister but that’s Tripura’s culture’, said Sarkar.

Religion is a personal choice but the celebration belongs to everyone. Tripura has given an example of peace and unity. Amidst so much of torture against Muslims by the Central politics, we are living together, said Sarkar.

‘I have read Koran-Bible-Tripitak…. But nowhere it is written to forcibly convert other people’s religions’, he added.

However, he was just silent about the torture done against Hindus and other religions across the country and the world.

However, this has become a recent trend to butter the minorities for the sake of vote banks.

Tripura Govt although didn’t regularize RMSA teachers and didn’t re-appointed the 150 staffs who lost their jobs, but even after the Central Govt had terminated the Under Graduate teachers in Tripura Madrasa in 2013 after the project was closed, but Tripura Govt has preserved their jobs with Rs. 5000 honorioum per month and now the Govt reportedly planning to regularize them as the other State Govt employees.

The party is found to launch so many progammes for Muslims, whereas for Buddists, Christians… they do not have any space.  


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