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Anti-Digital Manik Sarkar to join Twitter, Facebook
TIWN Feb 11, 2017
Anti-Digital Manik Sarkar to join Twitter, Facebook
PHOTO : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Feb 11 (TIWN): Just in the last Assembly Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said, ‘I do not have any mobile phone’. But after 2 months of his comment reportedly Sarkar would join in Facebook and Twitter.

Being a Communist the Chief Minister has been against all social media and network communication. But afterall vote and popularity matters. Finally Manik Sarkar to kneel down before the modernization and join FB, Twitter.

Sarkar during a book publication programme held at Rabindra Bhawan on February 9th evening said, ‘Today youths are unnecessarily flowing with ultra modern technology, which is spoiling the society and damaging the peace’.

However, CM didn’t mention what will be the alternative of his Anti-Digital Mission.  Now he is going to join in Social media, which is utter surprising even for his comrades too.

However, the Communists many times wanted to oppose the technology but later they had to accept the necessity of technology.  In 1980’s time, when India adopted computers, the West Bengal CPI-M Govt denied to accept it alleging that it will increase unemployment. However, the result was just the opposite as it was seen that the states which adopted the methodology they experienced massive economic growth after that. But at the same time West Bengal economy just fall down and the loss the people are facing till day. 

Tripura CPI-M also after much doldrums kneeled down before technology with FB  pages to WhatsApp launching ahead of bi-election. 

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