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Bogus beneficiary list under PMAY scheme, PWD irregular fund expense, Panchayat corruption halting PM Modi’s NREGA welfares across Northern Tripura
TIWN Feb 10, 2017
Bogus beneficiary list under PMAY scheme, PWD irregular fund expense, Panchayat corruption halting PM Modi’s NREGA welfares across Northern Tripura
PHOTO : Jubaraj Nagar RD Block. TIWN Pic Feb 10

AGARTALA, Feb 10 (TIWN): The over Panchayat dominancy in Tripura is halting state’s development even after multiple complaints raised by public. Example is North Tripura’s Jubarajnagar RD Block which has been paralyzed by bundles of scams under MGNREGA, PMAY and PWD Construction. In another allegation against Jubarajnagar RD Block it has been unearthed that instead of 3000 meter of drain construction, the project ended with only 50 meter only, whereas in report the work has been shown as fully completed. The work under Sripur G. P. Juvarajnagar R D Block under North Tripura w/o-31-35 with the date of 31-04-2016 named “Construction of RCC Drain” was funded with Rs. 1,92,490/-. But RCC is a matter of far way, but this drain has no basic quality for which it can be said an RCC bridge.However, apart from this allegation, more complaints under the same RD Block for MGNREGA and PMAY scheme had come recently. In PMAY project the corruption surpassed its all limits.

Under JuvarajNagar Block there are 58 Gram Panchayats, where in the name of Housing Loans atleast Rs. 3030 lakhs rupees was sanctioned from the Centre, whereas among the 3367 beneficiaries, total 2331 people do not exist and their names are bogus.  

At Hafflong also the condition is same. It was the same place where before few days tea garden workers went on mass strike.

 As per the census held in 2011 across whole India on the basis of Socio-Economic-Cast-Census (SECC) the PMAY scheme was decided to distribute. But instead of cast-basis, social-need basis the PMAY beneficiaries names are listed in Tripura.

However, State BJP took various issues, corruptions held under Tripura Govt to the Centre including PMAY Scheme. Recently TMC Tripura members also wrote a letter to the Central RD Minister Narendra Singh Tomar describing the whole situation. In the letter Barman on behalf of Trinamool Congress wrote, “….objective of PMAY-G in Tripura will be frustrated because the ill motive of the party in power and the administration… In SECC data base of Jubarajnagar RD Block, North Tripura the total number of beneficiary selected is 3367. But only 1036 beneficiaries have been identified those who exist in power and the remaining 2331 names are fictitious in favour of whom fund has been released by the Central Government. That means Central share of Rs. 1.30 lakh in favour of 2331 fictitious names amounting to Rs. 3030.3 lakh in one RD Block out of 58 RD Blocks is likely to be siphoned of by the party in power….”

However, in internet the RD Dept. has not published any vivid data. In this situation the development of the state has become a tough-job for the Central Govt.

Moreover, CPI-M Ministers also express huge resentments as Central Govt has seized power from state. In this regard Radhacharan Debbarma on Saturday said, “Sitting in Delhi it’s not possible to diminish state’s Problems. If it’s so, the what is the need of Panchayats?”

However, the ongoing corruption and cadre-raj in Tripura’s Panchayats has been responsible for state’s Economic-Decline, which has further forced the Central Govt to snatch power from the state.

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