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Amidst 7 lakhs jobless youths, Tripura CM opposed Modernization : asked state youths, ‘Do not overflow with ultra-modern technology !’
TIWN Feb 9, 2017
Amidst 7 lakhs jobless youths, Tripura CM opposed Modernization : asked state youths, ‘Do not overflow with ultra-modern technology !’
PHOTO : Pic 1. Book release programme held at Press Club. Pic 2. CM on own state's road to fight against unemployment. TIWN Pic Feb 9

AGARTALA, Feb 9 (TIWN): Amidst 7 lakhs of unemployed youths Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar once again warns the young generation ‘not to overflow’ with the modern technology as it may destroy the peace of the state and the country. ‘Today youths are unnecessarily flowing with ultra modern technology, which is spoiling the society and damaging the peace’, said Sarkar during a book publication programme held at Rabindra Bhawan on Thursday evening. However, CM didn’t mention what will be the alternative of his Anti-Digital Mission. Whereas the state is suffering from unemployment tension with 7 lakhs jobless youths, CM asked them not to follow the trend. However, without modern technology how they will compete with the world Sarkar also didn’t mention that part. Even the Governor of Tripura recently said during All India Radio’s Golden Jubilee programme that ‘You can not expect business with 1960’s policy and without technology’ and CM Manik Sarkar also said same asked Akash Bani to upgrade the technology. But the double tone of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar left the state with burdens of unemployed youths.

Same the Chief Minister did with Demonetization issue and refused to stay in the Central committee of ‘cashless-economy’. 

Governor in another programme said, ‘If demonetization, cashless economy can not be utilized by the state govts, then the economic condition of the states will be as same as West Bengal (during CPI-M’s Era). In 1980’s time, when India adopted computers, the West Bengal Govt denied to accept it alleging that it will increase unemployment. However, the result was just the opposite as it was seen that the states which adopted the methodology they experienced massive economic growth after that. But at the same time West Bengal economy just fall down and the loss the people are facing till day. Now the West Bengal Govt crying for updated machineries and but nobody cares. In the same way the state leaders should utilize a move in proper time before the time out”.

Whereas CPI-M kneeled down before technology with FB  pages to WhatsApp launching, but at the same time the politburos are the pushing the youths to a dark future. Tripura neither has proper industrialization nor  the Govt plays fair in job recruitment. All these have resulted in 7 lakhs of unemployed youths but CM Manik Sarkar’s Anti-Digital mission is continuing to prove himself as the wisest Communist on Earth.







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