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De-sheltered locals at Northern Tripura yet to receive Govt compensation
TIWN Oct 29, 2016
De-sheltered locals at Northern Tripura  yet to receive Govt compensation

AGARTALA, Oct 29 (TIWN): The de-sheltered locals whose houses were damaged fully by Bru refugees on May 15, 2016 yet to get any compensation.

In this regard on Oct 3rd the victims met CM Manik Sarkar, but all in vain.

On May 16 all of the de-sheltered people were provide with Rs. 1,000/-, latterly they were more paid with Rs. 10,000/-. More Rs. 56,000/- were to be provided to the victims.

The Bru Scared Bengali Locals went back to their abolished homes but Govt has not provided with full compensation.

Brus not only burnt their homes but during their sheltering in BBI school---Brus took away all the cattle from the households. Govt. however, assured to give them back new cattle.

Although Govt promised them to pay full compensation but the deprived said they have not received a single amount till day. 

The arson was followed suicide when a tribal man living in a refugee camp at Kanchanpur, 175 km north from Agartala, after he was allegedly beaten up by locals. Bhriguram Reang, 36, allegedly committed suicide, after he was beaten up by local people who accused him of catching fish from a pond without seeking permission from the owner.

Later, Members of Amra Bangali staged protest rally at Agartala and demanded to take action against the accused involved in the Kanchanpur fire mayhem.

The members of the Amra Bangali strongly condemned the incident and they want the police team to take necessary action. Earlier members of Amra bangalee also placed deputation to IG police.

But till day no action has been taken by Tripura  Govt in this issue and regarding this the devastated Bengalis met Tripura Chief Minister.  


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