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Agartala City becoming Mafia-Empire : 500 bottles of liquor-drugs, 2 rounds bullets recovered, 1 arrested
TIWN Oct 27, 2016
Agartala City becoming Mafia-Empire : 500 bottles of liquor-drugs,  2 rounds bullets recovered, 1 arrested
PHOTO : Police recovered bullets, drugs from Agartala. TIWN Pic Oct 27

AGARTALA, Oct 27 (TIWN): In a shocking development 2 round bullets, Phensedyl, chorex and huge amount of drug were recovered from the heart of Agartala City on Thursday. In total 500 bottles of liquors were recovered. West Tripura Police led by SP Abhijit Saptarshi and Add SP Sharmistha Chakraborty held raid at a house in Masterpara, Agartala where these items were recovered.

Talking to TIWN & other medias, West SP Abhijit Saptarshi said, "We are informed by our secret source and successfully we have recovered many narcotic items from this house”.  “Tripura Police will continue such raids to ensure a safe festive season”, mentioned Saptarshi, TIWN eye witness told Agartala Office from the spot.

Massive crowd created on the place when police nabbed the culprit.

Police said that 1 has been arrested from there named Abhijit Saha (25), S/ O- Dilip Saha. On the heart of Agartala City such an incident has shocked the public.

Mainly the young people in state are found for involving in such activities.

On the other hand BSF had arrested 2 persons from border areas at Nischintapur, Agartala for smuggling drugs on the same day (Today, Thursday).

It was on Oct 1, another young men were arrested for such activities from the same city. A smuggler, resident of Tripura Raju Debbarma was arrested with 2 packets of brown sugar from Agartala Gol-Chakkar area. Gol-Chakkar remained as smugglers’ zone in Capital City since decades, powered by the open mafia raj of smugglers at there.

The Sonamura based smugglers are targeting the capital  Cities young boys.

Tripura’s massive Ganja productions are stabling the economy of the Mafia-Raj state, whereas brown sugar is more exporting inside the state from NE, Bangladesh. Rapid influx business of Mayanmar made products are also reported many times in this running year. 

Drug smuggling business inside the State is getting boost day after day due to unholy nexus of Drug Mafias and some corrupt officials of State Police. In January, Jirania Police recovered 900 grams of brown sugar, worth Rs 42 lakhs from Jirania, 35 kilometer from the capital city. The arrested youth were identified as, B Obroi Meseka (22), Sanu Ram Reang (29), Ajoy Kalai (28), Sudip Debbarma (27).

Bishargarh Police on last month recovered 1 crore’s ganja while they were exporting from Tripura to other NE states.

 In February, a team of Battala outpost police arrested one  Nihar Ranjan Roy drug peddler and claimed to have busted a smuggling ring involved in selling drugs from one state to anoth

It’s said that Tripura, Mizoram, Myanmar border regions along Bangladesh turned into a narcotics smuggling den in spite of tall claims from Bangladesh authorities. 

 400 gram brown sugar was seized from a bus by 159th battalion BSF on Sunday afternoon at Dharmanagar ISBT area. The bus was travelling from Dharmanagar to Agartala. Reportedly, Brown sugar worth Rs. 30 lakhs was being shipped into the Capital City Agartala. On July 7,  1 kilo and 365 gram of Brown Sugar (worth 1.25 crores)  was recovered from Silchar-Agartala train at Panisagar by BSF 159thbtln. 

3.     On July 8, four (4) culprits from Mizoram-Silchar border : 1) Amanyaual  2) Richard Lalbe Moughta  3) Laldin Jera (24), 4) Mingchung Nanga (27). They were nabbed from BhajaBazar, Silchar Mizoram Border areas. On July 28, Assam police arrested 3 Tripura smugglers at Silchar, named Raju Nama Sudra (28), Bapan Saha (28), Abhijit Debnath (32) who were smuggling brown sugar and heroin.

However, chiefly the young people are found to be involved in such activities and Tripura’s massive unemployment, crisis, lack of income source has been the chief reason behind it. 

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