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Tripura agro-economy falls off in 2015-16 FY : Tripura Govt failed to utilize Central Govt’s farmer friendly budget, market burning with sky-rocketing price with all imported items
TIWN Oct 27, 2016
Tripura agro-economy falls off in 2015-16 FY : Tripura Govt failed to utilize Central Govt’s farmer friendly budget, market burning with sky-rocketing price with all imported items
PHOTO : Pic-1. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Pic. 2 : Paddy field in Agartala. Pic 3 & 4: Price hike hits vegetable market at Gol-Bazar, Agartala. TIWN Pic Oct 27

AGARTALA, Oct 27 (TIWN): After the 3rd budget was declared by the Central Govt. in 2016 now it is planning for the next budget for 2017-18. The last budget of 2015-16, was mainly focused on agriculture; and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley challenged to double the income of the farmers. However, along with the 9 pillars of agricultural growth, various schemes were launched for the farmers, but under CPI-M Govt in Tripura the farmers have failed to bring any growth in their yearly production, resulting burning price of vegetables throughout the whole year, experienced by the common men. TIWN took bites of the vegetable sellers at Maharaj Ganj Bazaar or Gol bazaar. A seller told TIWN, “The demands are more than the actual production.

 As the farmers are not producing enough  crops and vegetables thus the price is naturally high”. 

Another businessmen told TIWN, along with other medias that ‘the winter vegetables are imported items, maximum coming from Shillong’. 

However, the lack of productivity and Farmers’ rapid losing of interest in agriculture has become a matter of concern for Tripura’s economy as state’s main income has been considered as agriculture till day. Recently taking interview of Bandhan bank CEO, Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, he said to TIWN, “Tripura should focus on agriculture and natural production----this will boost state’s economy”. Apart from him many other experts keep the same view. But due to some unknown reason the farmers’ are RAPIDLY losing their interest in agriculture. 

Whereas the tribal areas, had been fully centered with agro-based economy, but now they are focused on other cultivations as Rubber production. Kishan Call Centre in Tripura are for name-sake, neither the Govt shows any interest to motivate the farmers with various opportunities, facilities provided by the central govt.

However, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at parliament during the announcement of the 3rd Union budget said that the Govt. has focused on 9 pillars which are to be set up in India for its overall economic development. Govt. has also challenged to make the income of the farmers double in 5 years. The 9 pillars are : 1. Agriculture and farmers' welfare, 2. rural sector, 3. social sector including healthcare, 4. infrastructure,5. financial sector reforms, 6.ease of doing business, 7. fiscal discipline, 8. tax reforms 9. education, skills and job creation to reduce compliance burden. Total allocation for farmers’ welfare is Rs. 35,984 crores. "We need to give back to our farmers. We need to think beyond food security to income security, which will double income of farmers by 2022.", said Jaitley. The minister has announced a 228% jump in funds for rural areas. Experts are saying that the project is rather rural centric as govt. has announced for Agriculture with Rs. 17,000 crores investment, which means 86,000 crores in 5 years to make India food sufficient.National dialysis service programme under PPP model has also been announced. LPG connection for women members of rural homes may change scenarios of Tripura.

But unfortunately under CPI-M leadership the budget has been remained unutilized so far. 


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