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150 farmers are deprived of agricultural lands
150 farmers are deprived of agricultural lands
PHOTO : Farmers going to be ruined due to unavailablity of tube well at Mohonpur. TIWN Pic May 29

AGARTALA, May 29 (TIWN): Fields are on the verge of devastation due lack of proper water supplying in 3 areas under Mohonpur, affecting 150 farmers, taking 500 Ekar fields. A tube well which could not be arranged by the govt. is damaging fields and as a result poor farmers are unable to continue their agriculture over that area.

According to the sources, under Mohonpur Block, near to Ishanpur Gram Panchayat’s South Ishanpur Bypass, areas as Braja Binodidinipur, Nanda Lal Dam para, Kaligachtala’s in total 500 Ekar field, which had become the livelihood of 150 farmers is now going to be devastated due to the unavailability of tube wells.

3 farmers namely Niranjan Das, Sajan Das and Sudhan Das said while talking to TIWN correspondent that before 30 years, during Nripen Chakraborty’s time he came along with his officers to visit that place. It was decided then a deep tube well will be set over there, so the farmers can do agriculture on this fields. From that time this field is known as “Kol Ghorer Math”.

Accordingly after getting that tube well the farmers started to do all kind of harvesting over there. But from last 5 years this deep tube well is in damaged condition but from the Govt. side no initiatives has been taken to repair it. As a result, the field is becoming unusable again.

The farmers reported that the villagers are very poor and nobody has even a govt. job; so they have to depend on agriculture all over the year. Whether the condition of the machine is unworthy for using, the workers in the name of machine operating, taking their salaries per month. Only farmers are deprived of everything and a good life.

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