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Datamohan’s contempt of court case further adds up to Manik Sarkar’s woes, HC asks Chief Secretary to submit affidavit on PIL : Law Secretary's future jail term imminent
Datamohan’s contempt of court case further adds up to Manik Sarkar’s woes, HC asks Chief Secretary to submit affidavit on PIL : Law Secretary's future jail term imminent
PHOTO : Law Secretary Data Mohan Jamatia's letter to Chief Minister. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, April 30 (TIWN): The rate at which Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s troubles are piling up everyday, the future of the only left CM of the country is likely to sink like the Titanic unless Gods’ hand saves him. Already under tremendous pressure for the series of controversies, scams, allegations, blue eyed boys arrest on murder case, REGA disturbances throughout the state, the Tripura High Court’s step to frame charges against the state Law Secretary has further increased the CM’s troubles.Believed to be one among the very few confidants of Manik Sarkar, the Law Secretary Datamohan Jamatia’s tangle with the High Court has only added to the woes of the chief minister, claims the political analysts here.The feud between the State Law Secretary with the High Court started with the case relating to the state Government’s reservation policy on promotion in Govt. jobs which was defended by the Law Secretary and in the process the Law Secretary put the most controversial note alleging the Chief Justice of personal ill will against him and Sankari Das, the Deputy law Secretary in the state law department. Tripura High Court took up a suo moto contempt of court case against the Law Secretary Datamohan Jamatia for his controversial note defaming the Chief Justice and framed charges against the Law Secretary which may lend up the state law secretary in jail if proved guilty.

Though the government’s stand on the reservation policy coulnd not be defended by the law department, the case has further aggrevated the condition of the state law secretary as Mr. Jamatia’s career is about to lend in a turmoil if he is found guilty of contempt of court case.   

Continuing with the series of miseries for the state government, in yet another observation in a case on Wednesday, the High Court of Tripura ordered the state chief Secretary to submit an affidavit in the public litigation case that was taken up for hearing. The PIL was taken up suo moto by the high court on the basis of a letter written by an advocate of the state demanding safe drinking water in the interiors of the state. The Divisional Bench comprising of Chief Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice S C Das found the seriousness of the matter and asked the Chief Secretary to file an affidavit after verifying the ground status of the drinking water situation in the state. The next date of hearing has been fixed on June 9, 2015.

File Photo of DM Jamatia and Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.Picture source Internet

The High Court’s step connecting both the Law Secretary and Chief Secretary of the state in two different cases on a single day has further put the left government led by the chief minister in further problem. 

With pressure mounting up in the midst of the TTAADC election, the set of fresh troubles from the Tripura High Court  involving his Law Secretary and Chief Secretary, the already troubled chief minister further lends up in soup with the shores at far distant, thinks the political analysts here.      

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