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Contraband drugs, gambling at Kanchanpur booming

AGARTALA, March 31 (TIWN): The Kanchanpur sub division is thriving with contraband drugs and gambling for the last couple of months. Anti social bad elements of the society have been allegedly operating their anti social activities whole over the sub division for the last couple of months allegedly without any resistance from police side.

Local people raised allegation against police that local police has been maintaining mysterious role for their vested interest. Kanchanpur Police allegedly maintains a delicate relation with anti social bad elements for their own interest under the Kanchanpur sub division and thus flourished different categories of gambling and open sale of contraband drugs. Police has got consort with Manta Barua,Tapas Choudhury and Mani Banik all hailed from Kanchanpur who are master mind of anti social illegal activities under the Kanchanpur sub division.

Lakhs of rupees are transacted daily basis on gambling at Kanhanpur itself. Just after dusk anti socials who deals in illegal business of contraband drug sale their items openly in a festive mood.

As a result growing teen age youths are allured and thus they are derailed alarmingly. Kanchanpur town has got two licensed foreign liquor shops. But a huge number illegal liquor shops are there at Kanchanpur. Local police took no measure against such illegal gamblers and contraband drug item sellers.

However but, it is worthy to be mentioned here that a section of police staffs are keeping close watch at the areas under other sub divisions and are on a spree nabbing the gamblers who spend days and night playing the ending-gambling business. Gamblers in the rural are on the run, but seem to have found a new venue this season to continue gambling even as they are on the move. Rising inflation and crashing markets have had no impact on people’s love for gambling during the fair season, as is evident from the avid gathering across the fair site in the rural areas of the state, with the cops playing an inactive role in nabbing the culprits who spend days and night in the fair ground and entertained with the increasing rate of ending-gambling business.

However the daily routine ending and gambling business across the rural areas of the state has of course created resentment among the educated society. It is also mentionable that a section of common people became bankrupt by investing rupees for ending gambling.

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