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125 bottles of Corex seized from Khowai: 2 persons arrested to be produced before the Court
125 bottles of Corex seized from Khowai: 2 persons arrested to be produced before the Court
PHOTO : The seized contraband items. TiWN file photo.

KHOWAI, March 30 (TIWN): 125 bottles of banned syrup Corex had been recovered from Khowai Baijalbari on Sunday evening. 2 people namely Jayanta Kumar Roy of Shibnagar, Agartala and Tanmoy Roy of Madhya Kashipur had been detained. Investigation is going on. The detained persons are scheduled to present before the Court today.

According to the sources, one car bearing No TR-01-D-0424 is arriving from Dharmanagar towards Agartala. ASI of Khowai, Bhanu Das on secret information, is waiting at Nripen Chakraborty Avenue. While, Mr. Das tried to stop the car, they had doubled their speed and approaches towards their destination. But at Baijalbari, police was successful to bring the two persons under their control. But still now, no other additional information was gathered from them.

Smuggling of Phensedyl a cough syrup with an exceedingly high dose of codeine, high dose of painkillers with drugs and other contraband items are increasing day by day in the state. The police, administration and BSF are doing their best to stop smuggling of these contraband items. But they are unable stop the smuggling of contraband items as the smuggler gangs are hand in glove with ruling party and corrupt govt officals, said a highly placed police source. Even though Tripura's Police force and intelligence network is fully capable of tackling this statewide drug menace but evil nexus of political powers,mafia and civil administration keeping police force as mute spectators.

On the issue of narcotics, no amount of laws seems to be enough to reign in the production and distribution of banned substances. Tripura railways are also becoming a new pathway for the import and export of drugs and phensedyl smuggling, said a highly placed police source. Police often detain vehicles and seize thousands of bottles of Phensedyl consignments that are not used in Tripura. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The network is very deep­rooted and widespread. The Phensedyl smuggling would, in future, become a major deterrent to better Indo­Bangla relations.


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