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Mega eye- treatment and surgery camp held at Kailasahar

KAILASHAHAR, March 25 (TIWN): Mega eye surgery camp was held on Kailasahar on Tuesday. About 250 people had taken the advantage of the camp. Doctors from Kolkata and Agartala had treated the patients in the camp. The camp will also continue tomorrow.

Lions Club and District Eye prevention Unit had jointly organized the camp. Cornea and cataract operation are done on the camp. Dr. Jogeshwar Barua from Kolkata, Batakrishna Pal and Rathindra Das from Agartala, Satyajit Paul from Kailasahar had attended the camp. It is to be mentioned that only 2 eye specialists are there in Kailasahar. So, such type of eye camps proves extremely helpful for the people of Kailasahar.

It is to be mentioned that, Eyes should be properly nurtured with proper diet having vitamin A and daily wash with clean water. Now a day in cities polluted air and vehicles exhaust, the health of eye is in danger.. At the same time we should protect our eyes from injury as it is one of the softest organs of the body,

WOD is celebrated all over the world to create awareness among the public concerning the prevention of avoidable blindness. National Program for Control of Blindness was launched by the govt with the objective to reduce the rate of blindness 14 per 1000 to 3 per 100 and the central council of Health adopted as “one of the basic human right is the right to see, we have to ensure that no citizen goes blind needlessly, or being blind does not remain so, if by reasonable deployment of skills and resources, his sight can be prevented from deteriorating ,or if already lost can be restored” but due to lack of regulating council for the profession and irresponsive attitude of NPCB this could not be achieved as yet. As per World Council of Optometry (WCO), an Optometrists are "the primary healthcare practitioners of the eye and visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and dispensing, the detection/diagnosis and management of diseases in the eye, and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system


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