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Poll gimmick: Chief Minister to inaugurate Khowai hospital, plagued with plethora of problems
Poll gimmick: Chief Minister to inaugurate Khowai hospital, plagued with plethora of problems
PHOTO : Chief Minister to inaugurate Khowai hospital tomorrow. TIWN Pic March 24

AGARTALA / KHOWAI, March 24 (TIWN):The district administration and health department is busy in giving final touch to the Khowai district hospital, which would be inaugurated by Chief Manik Sarkar on 25 March. But it’s not a matter of joy or pride for the people of the district. They know it’s just getting the tag of district hospital, but services would be par below that of a sub division hospital.Ahead of TTAADC tribal council election, the administration hurriedly took the decision to inaugurate the recently upgraded Sub Division hospital. But the hospital its self is below standard, than how can people expect quality medical services, in brief another hell for patients.Almost all the departments in the hospital lack doctors besides paramedics. It has only seven doctors .For instance, the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics needs at least four doctors, but only has one. Being one of the important branches, it sees heavy rush of patients at the hospital every day.

Serious lacunae were found with regard to the availability of medical equipment and medicine, the untidiness in and around the hospital worries people. There are only two wards, but in district hospital there should be different types of wards

Drains overflow and the entire premises is littered with waste emanating foul smell. Also, there is lack of greenery in the premises and no proper parking facility. Recent protest by the sanitary staff has turned the situation from bad to worse. Those who accompany patients to the hospital find it difficult to stay there.

The local CPI(M) MLA Sameer Deb Sarkar health is not good, he prefers specialized treatment from AIIMS, Delhi. All expenses are bear by the government. Common men who do not have the availability to go  at AIIMS for better  treatment are left in the mercy of god here.     



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