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Malaria and Diarrhea extends its disastrous hand at Gandacherra at the outset of dry season: Water scarcity being emerged as leading cause
Malaria and Diarrhea extends its disastrous hand at Gandacherra at the outset of dry season: Water scarcity being emerged as leading cause
PHOTO : Malaria in Malaria and Diarrhea in Gandacherra. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, March 24 (TIWN): Malaria and Diarrhea again creating a disaster in the Gandacherra subdivision. 3 children reported to be affected by the disease in the Bhagirath Para ADC Village. State Government lacks infrastructure in the health sector plays game against the valuable life of the innocent peoples of Tripura. Sources informed that in Bhagirath Para ADC Village, resident Anajoy Tripura’s 3 children’s name Parajoy Tripura, Matarani Tripura and Padmajoy Tripura is under the grip of malaria. Along with that the epidemic of Diarrhea also turned the life of the habitants into a living hell. It is to be mentioned that at least 6 children died in diarrhea at hilly areas of Gandacherra subdivision. This avoidable situation created as the medicine to prevent the disease was not distributed among the villages in right time, alleged the villagers. With that the onset of the dry season, diarrhea gastroenteritis and malaria has started stalking the deep interior tribal villages in Gandacherra sub­division. According to preliminary reports, most affected are the children.

 Eruption of enteric and diarrhea are most common diseases during dry spell in remote tribal localities. Drinking of contaminated water from the streams due to drying up of regular water sources have led to diseases resulting in casualties every year. Sources informed that two children are reported dead due to the affect of this disease.

Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today, most of the rural people in the so called model Tripura don't have access to it. Yet, we take it for granted, we waste it, and we even pay too much to drink it from little plastic bottles. Besides, recently the tribal villagers in the rural areas witnessed to be suffering from water borne diseases, with collecting water from nearby polluted rivers, small fountains and other minor water bodies, which consists of major pollutants.

The State government in Tripura is busy in dirty politics, by neglecting the important sectors like health, education etc. present from minister to CPIM party workers remain deep necked in corruption. CPIM government over issues of spurious ­drug, atrocities against women, corruption, malfunctioning of PDS, chit fund, deterioration of law and order, underdevelopment of tribal people and deprivation of employees during the agitation. The tight­lipped gesture of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar over the increasing crimes and vowed to intensify party’s agitation across the state. He also urged the public to condemn the role of Chief Minister, who also holds the Home portfolio. The uninterrupted 21­year stint in power seems to have taken a toll on the financial transparency of the Left Front administration in Tripura. Corruption in implementation of rural development schemes continues unabated. There is a state government of Tripura eats up all the money which comes from the central government for development.



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