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Anganwari staff gets TUEP card: No mid-day meal at Anganwari center deprives children
Anganwari staff gets TUEP card: No mid-day meal at Anganwari center deprives children

BELONIA, March 23 (TIWN): On yet another surprising issue today one Anganwari helper caught red handed working under the state govt. sponsored Tripura Urban Employment Programme (TUEP) Scheme skipping her already inducted work at Anganwari center. The incident occurred at Belonia on Monday at Lakhi Vishwashari Anganwarti center. A series of allegation were raised earlier agai8nst the Anganwari helper identified as Priti Saha.A serious misdeed has been unearthed today after Belonia Lakhi Vishwashari Anganwarti center helper Priti Saha was found to have skipped her work at Anganwari and has come to the capital city for Rega work under the state govt. sponsored Tripura Urban Employment Programme (TUEP) Scheme. Priti Saha was inducted by the state govt. as a helper of the mentioned Anganwari center. However but most surprisingly today at least 22 children of the Anganwari were deprived from their daily mid-day meal. No mid day meal was provided to the Anganwari children as helper Priti Saha skipped her work today allegedly as usual.

Besides, a series of allegations were raised earlier against Priti Saha for not attending the Anganwari regularly. It was alleged that Priti Saha often remains absent in the Anganwari center resulting the children deprived from their daily mid day meal. However, but a major question arises as how could a state govt. employee at Anganwari like Priti Saha get another state govt. sponsored TUEP card, while the scheme was meant for the Below Povert Line (BPL) families.

However later talking to the concerned Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Haradan Das, it was known that Das is not aware of the fact, whereas it was nothing new for Priti Saha to remain absent in the Anganwari center. Das said, “Though the matter is not known to me, but I will surely look after the issue.”

However it is mentionable here that in order to provide employment opportunities in the urban areas on a sustained basis to listed BPL families, the state govt. has decided to introduce a scheme for urban areas on the NREGA and it would be fully funded by state’s own resources. But here one can find a major irregularity on the so called state govt. sponsored TUEP, when a state govt. employee can get a TUEP card.   

Besides, it is worthy to be mentioned here that a serious irregularity has been unearthed recently over the implementation of the mid-day meal scheme in all seven anganwadi centers under Dukli Block. According to sources, for the last one month the students are not getting food items which are distributed under the Integrated Child Development Schemes (ICDS). Students of the anganwadi centers are not getting their mid-day meal even though official records claim that mid-day meals are being provided to the students on a regular basis.

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