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Udaipur : Increasing number of Rubber Plantations and Pollution of Water-sources
Udaipur : Increasing number of Rubber Plantations and Pollution of Water-sources
PHOTO : All are green, but there are hidden poisons in these green forests of Rubber. TIWN Pic by Susmita Majumdar

Udaipur, March 22 (TIWN): Udaipur is celebrating ‘World Forestry Day’ (21st March) and ‘World Water Day’ (22nd March) with the whole world. Though it is true, either in the matter of forests or water; Udaipur is having a very bad image from a long period of time.

After doing lots of hypocrisies in the name of “Clean India Movement” and ‘’Environment day’’ or ‘’World Forestry day’’ celebrations, nobody looks after the surrounding of their own area. After inaugurating many environmental-programmes by our Forest Minister, still the air is polluted and the purity of water is damaging at Udaipur.

Lots of funds are invested for the awareness campaigns, but why the government does not bring laws against pollution! Can’t the Government see the carelessness of various departments which are run by the government itself?   

By these kinds of Forests, while Udaipur looks green, in reality our surroundings are green only by huge amount of rubber plantations. Rubber damages our whole environment, not only the air, but its soil too. Yes, it has become a livelihood for many people of Udaipur. But nobody would have the right to damage the environment for the sake of own profit.

It has been noticed that some people are leaving their agricultural-occupation, and showing interests in rubber plantation and its business. That can spoil not only our environment, but the economical condition of many farmers. And our blind Government has no problem with that.

Dying river Gomati and rubber plantations on the river bank. 
Another scene of Udaipur’s environment is its lakes and river Gomati.

This is the picture of Jagannath Lake, as famous as the lake Kamala Sagar of Matabari. This is the lake which has been added to Udaipur’s unique beauty.

But now, this lake has become almost a pond, using by all the people from the all sides of this lake. Naturally the lake is losing its depth and the water will no more be usable after few days, if the government does not take steps to save it. “There is no more water sources, all the ponds are filled up to make houses. And this is our property as we live here” said a local habitant of Jagannath Chowmuhani.
In this situation, no awareness programme is needed to do by the Government, if it can’t save the town’s environment.

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