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Two days CME programme on 'Scope of Homeopathy in Respiratory Infections' inaugurated at Pragna Bhawan
Two days CME programme on 'Scope of Homeopathy in Respiratory Infections' inaugurated at Pragna Bhawan
PHOTO : CME Programme on scope of homoeopathy in respiratory infections at pragna bhavan. TIWN Pic March 19

AGARATALA, March 19 (TIWN): Two days CME programme on “scope of Homeopathy in Respiratory Infections “organized by Clinical Research Unit (H), Agartala started from today at Pragna Bhavan. The programme will continue upto March 20. At the 1st day of the scheduled programme, focus played on different important issue of the use of homeopathy like update on respiratory disease, homeopathic therapeutics in respiratory diseases, and homeopathic therapeutics in different types of cough and homeopathic perspective in tuberculosis discussed in both the session. Apart from this on the 2nd alternative day, research updates on Respiratory diseases, role of homeopathy on common cold in children will be discussed by prominent persons in medical field.

Delivering the speech on updates on respiratory diseases, Dr. Pradeep Bhowmik, Associate Professor, in Agartala Government College and Dr. Anjan Das, Associate professor in Department of Chest Medicine informed that, the success of homeopathy in treating modern-day infections is comparable to its successes in treating the infectious diseases of the last century. It is common knowledge that homeopathic practitioners rarely resort to using antibiotics or other drugs commonly given for infectious conditions. Homeopaths, like any good medical professional, will use antibiotics when clearly necessary, but it is worthwhile having alternatives that work. Homeopaths have also found great success in treating a wide variety of other bacterial infections.

While Dr. Renu Mittal of New Delhi, talking on homeopathic perspective in tuberculosis stressed that, those who received homeopathy did much better than those who only had placebo added to their treatment regime. There was significant improvement in their chest x-rays, an increase in weight gain and haemoglobin levels and a reduction in erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). The cure rate was 11.4% more in the homeopathy group compared to the place group.

Dr. Chintami Nayak of Kolkata told that, the cough of Phosphorus arises from irritation in the trachea. It is tickling which is lower down than the irritation calling for Belladonna It is made worse by talking or using the voice; in fact, any change in breathing causes the cough. It is at first dry and tight and then with expectoration of tenacious purulent mucus. It is worse from a change to cold air, the chest feels dry, and the cough sounds and there is a constriction across the upper part of the chest. Continued hoarsensess with a distressing, dry cough. It is also a remedy for stomach or hepatic coughs, anemic coughs, and in reflex coughs, being here similar to Ambra grisea. Ignatia is useful in nervous coughs, in which the more the patient coughs the greater the irritation to cough. Sticta has this symptom, but it is not nervous in origin.


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