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Brutal rape silences 10 yr old girl’s Family: TIWN team visits victim’s Home
Brutal rape silences 10 yr old girl’s Family: TIWN team visits victim’s Home
PHOTO : Victim girl (face and body covered), her mother talking to Congress delegation. TIWN Pic March 18

UDAIPUR, Matabari, March 19 (TIWN): After Delhi’s “Nirbhaya” rape case, people of Tripura protested, in rallies, candle lights vigils held at Agartala but when a Tripura’s own girl, a 10 yrs old gets brutally raped in Udaipur, society in Tripura towns and Agartala chose to keep their eyes closed.

On Wednesday, TIWN Correspondent and Photo journalist visited the victim’s house in Matabari area. A little 10 yr old girl was feeling shy with steady flow of unknown persons (media, politicians, though no officials were seen) at her hut, victim was speechless as this brutal attack snatched away her precious innocence of childhood and traumatized her.

Apart from poverty, society made her life miserable as  unknown bleak future awaits her in coming days because  people prefer to dump all blame to hapless women victims in rape cases.

Tripura Pradesh Mohila Congress’s members Kalyani Roy, Bhramar Som, Ratna Debnath, Shikha Gope, Tapan Pal; Agartala Councillor Panna Deb went to the victim’s house and sympathized the family. It is notable before the media, Tripura Pradesh Mohila Congress has promised they will pursue the case for victim and Congress will sanction some compensation-money in support of the victim though, “it may take time”.

Hence, Victim’s house is now in the focus of all the political Parties. Within two days, 3 political parties (Including BJP and CPIM) has visited the girl’s house.

The girl’s step mother said to TIWN correspondent, “She lost her mother after 21 days of her birth. Now as a mother, I  just want her proper justice.”

10 years girl has been brutally raped by 80 years man on 15th March,Sunday in Matabari block, Udaipur.

With the crimes against women and minor increasing at an alarming rate here at the model Tripura, another 80 years old man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly raping a 10 years old girl. The accused old man has been identified as Mukaloti Kusum Das. However, the accused has been produced before the court on Tuesday. Besides, the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) court sent the accused to 7 days police custody. The Court also asked the police to submit the case diary on March 23.

After the passage of 42 hours police detained 80 years old man for allegedly raping 10 years old girl at Udaipur Matabari Ward No. 1 area. It is worthy to be mentioned here that one 10 years old minor girl of Class-IV  was allegedly raped by her tuition teacher after she went to his house . The incident occurred on March 15. The accused teacher was identified as 80 years old Mukaloti Kusum Das. Reportedly, on the very day, when the girl went to her tuition home no other students were present, and taking the advantage of it her 80 years old tuition teacher allegedly raped her.

However later the victim’s family member lodged an FIR with the Udaipur Women Police Station immediately after the incident was reported. Following which the police conducted a search in operation to trace the accused man.On Tuesday after the passage of 42 hours the police arrested the accused teacher and produced before the court

It is now to be seen how much justice this little girl will receive from the Manik Sarkar led CPI(M) Government in coming days. CM Manik Sarkar certainly deserves an award for being the Chief Minister of a State which has highest percentage of atrocities against women in country.

It is to be mentioned here that the number of crimes against women has gone up in Tripura in recent years, with the Crimes ‘in India’report for 2013 published by National Crime Records Bureau (NCB) showing that number of rape cases increased from 229 in 2012 to 233 in 2013. Likewise, the number of cases of kidnapping and abduction of women and girls has gone up from 114 in 2012 to 124 in 2013.

Tripura had also registered 29 incidents of dowry deaths and 827 cases of cruelty by husband and his relatives during 2013, the NCRB report had said.

Udaipur District Administration remain in deep slumber as this type of heinous crimes against women are increasing day by day in Udaipur and Gomati District.

( Rape victim's identity, her family, parents names, house location are not mentioned as part of journalism ethics )

Rapist Mukaloti Kusum Das in Police custody in Udaipur. TIWN Pic

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