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Criminal Content Proceedings Issue against Law Secretary Data Mohan Jamatia: Hearing on the 'Case Charge Framing' scheduled on March 25
Criminal Content Proceedings Issue against Law Secretary Data Mohan Jamatia:  Hearing on the 'Case Charge Framing' scheduled on March 25
PHOTO : Law Secretary Data Mohan Jamatia letter to Chief Minister. TIWN

AGARTALA, March 11 (TIWN): The Hearing regarding the issue of 'Case Charge Framing' against Law Secretary Data Mohan Jamatia will be scheduled on March 25th. While yesterday, Mr. Jamatia had sent an unconditional apology to the High Court. But after looking through the letter, it was found that Law Secretary had not accepted his fault of insulting Hon. Chief Justice. That’s why High Court had not accepted the apology letter; says, Amicus Curiae, appointed by High Court, Pijush Kanti Biswas. Talking to TIWN today, Mr. Biswas further informed that though Law Secretary had not accepted his fault, so whether Case Charges will be imposed or not, will be decided on March 25th. It is to be mentioned here that on 24th November, 2014, quite surprisingly violating his limit as a Law Secretary D M Jamatia sent a note to Chief Minister with derogatory remarks against Hon. Chief Justice Deepak K Gupta by mentioning such words like “Chief Justice become furious…….Chief Justice trying to demoralize us…..”.

Law Secretary Data Monhan Jamatia wrote: ­

 1” ) The Chief Justice become furious and directed to initiate contempt case against Deputy Secretary (Law) and against the undersigned but not against the Advocate General who has examined the sane issue and endorsed our views"

 2)"... ...the High Court, with preconceived mood, has initiated contempt case against 2(two) of us who participated in the total process of exchange of views. The does not permit it... ..."

 3) "... ...We are afraid whether the High Court will damage our service records or career. The Chief Justice is trying demoralizing us so that no views can be given against any order of the High Court.... ..."

After this note got leaked in media all were stunned with D M Jamatia's role as a Law Secretary and the violation of his limitation as Law Secretary. Even inside the legal avenues it is now under discussion," To hide his inefficiency Datamohan has used humiliating racks against the Chief Justice and the High Court  Based on Jamatia's influence Deputy Secretary to the Govt of Tripura(Tribal Welfare Dept) vide his MEMORANDUM NO.F.19(01)­FIN(B)/2014 dated 07/11/2014 sanctioned the release of Rs 24 lakh from Tribal Welfare Department as Advocate fee to conduct the case WP(C)­189/2012, WP(C)­109/2011, WP(C)­124/2011 and WP(C)­126/2011 in the High Court of Tripura. F.R.Code of this release is 0788/14­15 and the Demand No/Head of Account is 19/2225­02­001­33­09­28 as Professional Services.

 It is to be mentioned here that ," HC has appointed Senior Advocate Pijush Kanti Biswas as Amicus Curiae of the High Court to deal will the legal procedures on behalf of the HC. Biswas will be assisted by two more junior advocates." As per senior lawyers in Agartala, Law Secretary Data Mohan Jamatia certainly heading for a jail time for insulting High Court and Chief Justice. Now, the fate of the Law Secretary will be decided on the next proceeding.

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