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MP Jiten draws attention on slow gauge conversion work of Lumding to Agartala
MP Jiten draws attention on slow gauge conversion work of Lumding to Agartala

Agartala / New Delhi, March 11 (TIWN): Tripura MP Jiten Chadhury drawn the attention of Lok Sabha on the slow progress of Railway projects in State.

MP Jiten Chaudhury's speech in Lok Sabha :

Hon'ble Dy. Speaker Sir,
I am failed to appreciate the budget placed by Hon'ble Railway Minister, because he has failed to divert the track of Indian Railway from the pro-corporate line pursued by this Government. Mr. Prabhu's has not made announcements of lofty projects like his predecessors, but simultaneously bold commitment is missing to complete the ongoing projects within the stipulated time, except few cosmetic declaration of system improvement. Indian Railway  is one of the longest Railway networks in the world, it is true, but it must be again measured in terms of our population, area and potentialities. If we look from that point of view we are still far behind to the other developing countries. We are inheriting this from the past and unfortunately Modi Government have also does not have any progressive road map, except all rhetoric announcements. Indian Railway should have been planned such a way keeping in view of our vast agrarian sector, industrial potential and diverse cultural distinctions of the country, which shall simultaneously nurture our economic growth and national integration.
We the people of North East feel discriminated and neglected. Though Railway's presence in the region was since Britisher's period but nothing significant development achieved during last 67 years except tokenism, which has yielded huge socio-economic imbalance. The little positive outlook of the successive Governments at the centre during last six and half decades could have changed the North East to a most advanced and richest part of the country, as the region is endowed with huge untaped natural resources.
However, though late the previous Government has been compelled to declare some projects to connect the State capitals, succumbing the popular mass struggle of the people of the region, particularly in Tripura led by Left Parties, DYFI,TYF,SFI,TSU and the people as whole. But unfortunately the construction works of those projects are going on so slowly, still far behind of their target, which is resulting immense constrain both in passenger and goods movement.
As I belong to Tripura State, like to draw the kind attention of the Hon'ble Railway Minister on the following ongoing and proposed projects.
1. The gauge conversion work of Lumding to Agartala may be expedited. Necessary fund may be released and men & machinery may be mobilised for speedy completion of long awaited project.
2. Agartala to Sabroom project be expedited, which has deferred its stipulated time of completion for two times.
3. The work of Agartala - Akhaura project may be started further killing a single day, for which almost all ground preparation has been completed. The project shall connect Railway network of two countries, India and Bangladesh through Tripura.
4. Looking at the strategical and future importance a Railway Division may be sanctioned for Tripura for which adequate land is available near the Agartala Station.
5. Indian Government may initiate dialogue with the Bangladesh Government to connect the Chittagong Sea Port and Ashuganj River Port to connect the rest of the South Asian countries. Which shall be beneficial for the entire Sub-Continent.
I hope Hon'ble Railway Minister shall definitely pay heed the issues I have raised for the good of the entire country and very particularly to bring North East & Tripura to the development loop.


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