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‘It was not a normal Election ; From Media to Election Commission, all were against us’ : Rahul Gandhi
TIWN June 12, 2024
‘It was not a normal Election ; From Media to Election Commission, all were against us’ : Rahul Gandhi
PHOTO : Rahul Gandhi addressed Wayanad, Kerala. TIWN Pic June 12, 2024

AGARTALA, June 12 (TIWN): Opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday while addressing Wayanad, Kerala said that 2024 election was no way like any normal election and oppositions were obstructed at every single path. “When the election began, the media that supports BJP said that BJP will win 400 seats. The Prime Minister and all the senior leaders of the BJP were saying Charso-paar (above 400). After one month, they started saying tinso-paa (above 300) and everybody saw the result of the election. This was not a normal election. The India alliance had the entire media alliance against them. The CBI, ED, and entire administration was against us. The Election Commission designed the election to suit the prime minister’s need.”

“Months of campaigning and final election in Varanasi. The Prime Minister himself violated the election model code of conduct. Everybody was asked not to campaign and the prime minister was meditating,” said Gandhi.

“But the BJP lost in Ayodhya. They lost in Uttar Pradesh and they lost because they were attacking the very idea of India. Over the last 10 years, BJP was attacking the constitution, they attacked the constitution by letting one community fight with another community, they attacked the constitution by trying to impose one idea, one language, and one culture on this country,” said Gandhi.

“Before the election BJP leaders openly said, they would change the constitution. The whole idea of 400-paar was to change the  constitution of India,” added Gandhi.


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