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Jiten Chowdhury criticized CPI-M’s organizational failures, hints Party in ‘Crisis’
TIWN Dec 5, 2023
Jiten Chowdhury criticized CPI-M’s organizational failures, hints Party in ‘Crisis’
PHOTO : Jiten Chowdhury addressing party members at Agartala Town Hall. TIWN Pic Dec 5, 2023

AGARTALA, Dec 5 (TIWN): CPI-M State Secretary Jitendra Chowdhury on Tuesday in his Town Hall speech expressed concerns about the party’s failure to bring people to political rallies amid massive anti-incumbency in state. He said, even though people are want to remove the BJP Govt but unwilling to join the rallies.

The party state secretary calls for immediate actions to overcome the crisis.

“We are in a crisis now. We are not in power but that reason can not define the reason behind crisis. The country is under fascism and that’s also not a big crisis but if can not unite the people to join us, it will be a real crisis”, said Chowdhury.

“Out of 365 days, there is not a single day when the state is not seeing any protest against the Govt either it’s about water crisis or any such issue. But when we are calling the people to join our rally, they are unable to join. I understand, there are lots of reasons why the people for not showing up their faces in opposition rallies, but still, we have to work in that direction”, added Jitendra Chowdhury.

Jitendra Chowdhury calls for filling up the gap between the opposition and the mob who want to change the Govt but unable to come on a same platform. 



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