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‘Make Tripura Drug-Free’ : CM Manik Saha
TIWN Dec 5, 2023
‘Make Tripura Drug-Free’ : CM Manik Saha
PHOTO : CM Manik Saha addressing the nursing students, guests. TIWN Pic Dec 5, 2023

AGARTALA, Dec 5 (TIWN): Chief Minister Manik Saha called for a drug-free-Tripura requesting all students to keep an eye on the alarming issue.

CM while addressing at Nursing College on the occasion 49 nurses’ oath-taking ceremony said the medical profession has a huge responsibility against the addiction.

“It has been seen even students are affected by HIV AIDS due to such rising drug-abuses in society. Human’s tendency to go to the dark is always high and we must fight to resist ourselves from going in the wrong direction”, said CM.

He further that Tripura is now gradually emerging as Education hub.

“It was a time when getting admission for B.Sc nursing was a big factor for Tripura students but now we have Medical College and today 49 nursing students are taking oath”, said CM.

“We have four Universities, Medical, nursing, Engineering colleges. So from all sides, Tripura is emerging as an Education hub”, added CM.

CM Manik Saha further appealed to the students to become good humans, not only good students.

“Nurses are the ambassadors of the Medical profession. They have huge responsibilities. Human touch is also an inevitable part of any profession today and as we talk about Ek Tripura, Shrestha Tripura, without this mentality, we can not take the state to that level”, CM said at Agartala Govt nursing college.

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