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People are Silent, but not Fools: 10323 Teachers’ Issue might cause massive Vote Bank losses for BJP Govt in 2023 Assembly Poll
TIWN Jan 27, 2023
People are Silent, but not Fools: 10323 Teachers’ Issue might cause massive Vote Bank losses for BJP Govt in 2023 Assembly Poll
PHOTO : Police Brutality on 10323 teachers. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 27 (TIWN): Under the BJP-led era of suppression, when more than the number of agitators, forces are deployed by the Govt, and police brutality, lathi-charge have been legalized on peaceful protesters if they slogan against the Govt, and media are working against the people by ‘no news’ policy, automatically the public voice is silenced. like web-media which turned heavy on the BJP Govt for its wrongdoings and fake promises had been blocked, social media pages were downed, multiple cases were lodged against the Editor taking away all the opportunities to get access to the public voice. But silencing media does not mean changing the public view 100% successfully and 10323 teachers issue is an example of it. 10323 teachers’ issue was a game-changer for the BJP in 2018 Election where BJP desperately promised to make the 10323 teachers permanent once BJP comes to power.

BJP back in 2018 held a ‘thanks-giving’ rally for Modi Govt’s assurance to the terminated teachers about permanent solution and also the 10323 teachers were forced to participate in rallies. The motivation by BJP was so high that 10323 teachers had burnt their 2-years ad-hoc job extension by the Supreme Court as BJP assured the teachers that they did not need to survive on ad-hoc as BJP will bring a constitutional amendment once they come to power.

NEDA convenor, Assam’s incumbent Himanta Biswa Sarma’s promises given in 2018 to 10323 teachers are now going viral on social media ahead of 2023’s poll. BJP won the poll and gained 10323 teachers’ and their families’ votes in 2018 but this time there is no chance for BJP to seek their votes. It may cause a major vote bank loss for the BJP.

Recently an RTI reply from the Supreme Court had given an opportunity to the Govt to restore the 10323 teachers’ jobs but BJP Govt did not listen to the experts’ view of its own committee which has further fuelled the resentment against the BJP Govt among the victimized teachers.

However, few thousands among 10323 teachers received jobs in other Govt sectors but the majority of the teachers are jobless, when the death toll among 10323 teachers raised to 150.

Although BJP has said that ‘10323 teachers matter is a closed chapter’ but the terminated teachers could not be slashed being in the voters’ list.

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