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Loss of Public Support is the Reason behind BJP’s Violence : Jiten Choudhury
TIWN Oct 19, 2021
Loss of Public Support is the Reason behind BJP’s Violence : Jiten Choudhury
PHOTO : CPI-M State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury (File Photo)

AGARTALA, Oct 19 (TIWN): CPI-M State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury said BJP’s violence is resulting out of isolation and constant losing of mass-supports.

“Common men are suffocated of the daily tortures done by the BJP and opposition parties have no freedom to practice their constitutional rights. At the same time, the BJP, RSS are trying to change the structure of the county’s constitutional practices by misinterpretation of the history”, said Choudhury.

On the 102nd foundation day of the Communist Party of India, CPI-M State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury has said that the party will continue its fight for secularism and constitutional values. Choudhury said, under the BJP, RSS the constitution is unsafe and amid any situation, the Communist will continue its fight to save the constitution. Talking to the media, Jitendra Choudhury said, “The aim of Communist Party is to strengthen the constitution and to maintain secularism. We are observing this day nationwide when the ruling Govt is trying hard to misinterpret the freedom fight history. The way Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has lied about Mahatma Gandhi saying that he asked Savarkar to write a mercy petition it’s condemnable”.

“Communist party since the British Govt faced severe intrigues and attacks but the Communists never compromised with the ideology. The uncompromised fight will continue”, said Jitendra Choudhury. 


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